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    Jaguar 8.4 ETM - Mistake

    If you do not pre vac tile you will eventually regret that because the debris could damage the floor while you’re cleaning
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    Seems like your not alone in that thought lol
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    Lol the guys on the fb page helped make that clear lol
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    Not sure if in right category ... I’m going to buy a crb I know I want a small one I’m thinking a 10” because I do mostly residential I’m curious what suggestions y’all have
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    Porty and jet size understanding

    Jim you have to be the one person with the most accurate and valuable info when it comes to equipment...
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    Couch and chairs?

    I swear I’m not picking on anyone but guys that blame the market they’re almost always need to improve their quality/service.. I know because that used to be me I live in a market that is and has been rock bottom (Dayton Ohio) forever and after I stopped making excuses why I couldn’t charge more...
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    Rotovac Bonzer Review. Day one and on.

    Are you meaning you believe the spinner style would clean better than stationary jets?
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    Rotovac Bonzer Review. Day one and on.

    If they were white try finishing with tmf acidic rinse it’ll help em pop look whiter
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    Secret formula acid rinse

    Residue that dries to a crystal is certainly better than residue that bonds directly to the carpet ... I get that customers won’t necessarily post vac but at that point it’s on them
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    Secret formula acid rinse

    Acid rinses will do a mild descale just dip a fitting youll see the same effect as descaler just milder you shouldn’t need to descale as often if you use acidic regularly
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    Secret formula acid rinse

    If your using the rsf spiked alkaline is just fine with however if using bio pro then acidic is preferable
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    Secret formula acid rinse

    An acid is what’s used to descale
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    Secret formula acid rinse

    Other than jobs with urine or similar situations why not just use the alkaline rinse it cleans better anyway
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    BioPro 10K, Alkaline Rinse

    I’m guessing chemical injection shot or gone I do the same with my butler I have a trick for how I get it into the fresh water tank pretty simple if anyone needs to know
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    Boss Ultra?

    I would suggest that we all know lip service when we see it and that action speaks louder than words
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    Game Changer

    @jimdavisson anything similar to this I could do ina butler instead of a silver bullet?
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    Portable Unit Question

    Can u possibly post links do I can buy
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    Zipper Wand

    I know guys think bigger is better especially on cgd but the bigger the tool like 13 vs 15 vs 17 the uneven thing becomes a bigger deal besides unless you got the blower to support it bigger actually = slower
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    Franchise question from new member

    Everyone else is being polite ill just go ahead and say it Stanley and ChemLie have big names but not good names and this is gonna sound weird but oxifresh and zerorez aren’t that well known outside of carpet cleaners to point that you could say there’s little or no such thing as good or bad...
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    Sylvester Stallone's Latest Sexual Assault Allegation.

    Are you meaning she reported to bmv he was no longer fit to drive?