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    Canada issue Prochem Apex vs Prochem 405??help eh!

    Ok here’s my advice. Don’t buy a diesel apex. They vibrate, They take along time to heat up. Also they blow soot in the heat exchangers and clog up about every 1000 hrs. The 405 is bulletproof actually the best machine ever made. This diesel advice comes from my tm mechanic and he’s top notch...
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    Pro Chem Everest HP 650

    I have one with 2300hrs. It’s been great with no real issues. It makes tons and tons of heat and the vacuum is amazing. If I were to buy another one I wouldn’t get high pressure or e-idle. I would get Everest 650. E-idle is finicky and I never use high pressure so I would save the cash. Hope...
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    Suction comes and goes on my performer 405

    Make sure you put the waste tank lid on the same way you take it off. My mechanic told me he’s seen that cause loss of cfm.
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    Pros and Cons of Box Trucks

    The only problem with my box truck is I can’t park it in the garage during winter time. I have a Everest in a van and Everest in a box truck. Either way you go will be fine.
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    Help with Prochem truck mount

    i Wouldn’t put an Everest in a 1/2 ton van.
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    Prochem Everest

    I have the same unit with 2k hours looks the same except my blower exhaust is cleaner. I wouldn’t sell mine for that price and the quick disconnects isn’t a good way to tell. That machine has got hot or overflowed thru the waste tank several times. The stainless connector is for high pressure...