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    Enquiry about Meth lab & forensic cleaning courses.

    Hi all, Hope all you people are doing well.. Not sure if this is the right forum to post this at. Seeking advice and guidance where would be the best place to complete meth lab and forensic cleaning courses in the United States? I from Australia. Thank you all. Sam. Sent from my...
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    Prochem blazer xl oil switch help.

    Hi all, I have took my machine to the local lawn mower repair guy. He calls me later on saying that when he takes the wire off the oil switch and earth it the machine will run but he can't turn it off with the ignition switch and as soon as he puts the wire back to the oil switch the machine...
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    570ss liquid cooled pressure gauge problem help.

    Hi all, This post is for a friend of mine who is having problems with his machine. Basically when the machine is in use the pressure gauge seems to go up and down. I will be attaching a video of the problem. Much appreciated all the help. Thank you. Sent from my SM-N910G using TMF...
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    Prochem Blazer Xl not starting.

    Hi all, My prochem machine have around 1000hrs on, have used it yesterday with no problems. Today at my first job tried to start the machine but it is turning but not running, when having my hand on the ignition switch on run I can hear the petrol pump and see the petrol going through the...
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    Prochem Blazer xl blower and cat pump maintenance.. help.

    Hi all, Any advice and recommendation on maintenance and the correct amount of oil in each? Thanks all much appreciated. Sam.
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    Prochem Blazer Xl heat and vacuum loss... Help please.

    Hi all, New guy here, I have a prochem blazer xl with nearly 1000hrs. The problem started a week ago with loss of vacuum and no heat when the machine is running. With the vacuum port's clear and machine on full throttle it's reads in the middle of 0 and 5hg With vacuum hose connected and...