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    I'm starting my own carpet/tile cleaning company and could use some advise

    For inexpencive marketing Google Places can drive a lot of business for FREE!! But, you have to set your listing apart to maximize it. You maximize it by getting listed on top and having tons of reviews. For me it works much better than my #1 rated organic website. 2k from it so far this...
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    Opened PennySaver to see Carpet Cleaners are only charging $8 per room with $32 MIN??

    I personally don't care about race, creed, sexual orientation or whatever. As long as they are obeying the laws of this country, pull their own weight and strive to be their best. If they clean for cut rate prices (or nude cleaning). It's expected only from Craigslist. That is why I...
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    Had a 5k day today cleaning commercial carpet.

    I don't know. When I bought chems today i paid ten time the price on the label. The supplier seemed like such a nice guy, I decided to hand out $100 bills to all the staff and few folks that were just passing by. The next time I'll pay only 5 times the price on the label. Ain't life...
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    Had a 5k day today cleaning commercial carpet.

    The client must of had 8K that he had to decide," Should I use it to light some cigars or should I give it to a carpet cleaner?" He must have a very high margin, he's moving dope. For 5K he could of paid to have the carpet replaced. Many cleaners would have happily done the job for $1000...
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    Marketing Vid from Marketing Co.

    Just promoting social media versas traditional cold marketing. It's better to draw in prospects and promote them to contact you for your services.(instead of your business searching for them.) Now that you have developed the prospects into warm relationships basesd on your social media...
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    Dumping at car wash

    I won't do it without prior permishion to avoid problems like this.
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    presto heater from costco

    I like to use those heaters that look like a radiator. Less chance of burning your van down.
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    Chevy Express vs Ford Econoline

    Personally I would stay away from Goverment Motors. It used to be buy USA. Now it's buy Capitalism. As small businessmen we need to support our best interests.
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    Opened PennySaver to see Carpet Cleaners are only charging $8 per room with $32 MIN??

    Too bad it's just one of the things that are pushed by progressives(left and right)to intentually harm the public sector. Socialsm has never worked. It is promoted as a way to enact fairness and a better life for all citizens and even non-citizens.(kumbiya) But, it works out to give...
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    Something I noticed the other day

    You should know better than knocking the Rug Doctor!!! They have higher SOA rating than most truckmounts that are out in the field. Infact according to intensive labatory testing the Rug Doctor puts most truckmounts to shame. Probally most of the cleaners here included!!
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    Opened PennySaver to see Carpet Cleaners are only charging $8 per room with $32 MIN??

    These are some of the examples of how illegal imigration is harming the economy. When millions are willing to work for less or entirely off the books it lowers the oportunities and wages for the real citizens of America. You can really see this in construction trades, cement work, roofing...
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    Free Carpet Cleaning Traverse City Mi

    Well good luck. We have had several former cleaning companies that offered free carpet cleaing.
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    Opened PennySaver to see Carpet Cleaners are only charging $8 per room with $32 MIN??

    If you don't want to sell you are in the wrong business. This business is all about SALES and service. A great cleaner will go out off business if they can't market their services. Proper selling at each appointment can also double or tripple your bottom line while driving more referrals...
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    Do You Advertise On The Radio...

    Radio should be done on a very long term basis. It is usually done and mainly for name recconition and to reinforce your other marketing efforts. (It's hard to write down your contact imformation while a client is driving. ) That is why it should be done in conjunction with other mass...
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    Opened PennySaver to see Carpet Cleaners are only charging $8 per room with $32 MIN??

    The only race I care about is the race to the top! We all will take a different route to get there. Very few will make it. But it's the journey, not the destination that really counts.
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    I Get over 10 solicitation calls a day. If you get only1-2 consider yourself very lucky. The do not call registry does not apply to businesses. If it did potential clients would also be blocked from calling your business. That is also why you are allowed call other businesses and offer...
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    What Is Clean?

    The only way to really clean a carpet would be to dislodge the carpet. Take it to a cleaning plant and give it repeated submersion cleaning and rincing. Then reinstall the carpet. That is how carpets used to be cleaned many years ago. Somehow it was found to be impractical. THe good...
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    External Heat & Portable

    I prefer fresh water tank, to filter, to pump, to Lil' Giant heater, to regulator(bypass back to tank,)To wand filter, to wand. Waste water back to 165 gal tank. High heat never goes through the pump. All electric!!
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    Will 1 cuff fit on my 2" wand. If so I'll take 4 sets.
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    Southern Oregon Doesnt use computers. search stats.

    It's still important to get in place now. They have to join this decade sooner or later. It's very inxepencive to market with Google Places and it can reap high rewards. Moble devices with maps are becoming the search method of choice for services. Note: Oregon has roughly one...
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    Will Red pads give the same results as Fiber Plus pads?

    IMHO they are too agressive for most commercial carpet. If you use them apply more encap juice to keep the pad well lubricated.
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    Paying for google maps now??

    A few months Google Maps was having more thana few hick-ups. Most of it came back with in a week. Just keep at it and work to get client reviews with a plan. Don't leave it to chance or wishfull thinking. A map listing near the top with tons of reviews can be quite a goldmine for drawing...
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    electric tm

    II don't know my CMF. But, I get fast drying times , 500 psi and steam with my electric.