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  1. rob allen

    New Truck Means New Chemicals

    Unstoppable! (Thanks for supporting our family business. We won't let you down. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out!)
  2. rob allen

    California gas engine ban affecting truck mount carpet cleaners

    Already many manufacturers have stopped selling certain models in California.
  3. rob allen

    California gas engine ban affecting truck mount carpet cleaners

    As I’m traveling I’ve met cleaners who are in California who are buying 2-3 back up TM engines in preparation for the gas engine ban. They are ordering them and sending them to a neighboring state then traveling there to pick them up. What’s your thoughts on this? PS:There is a big back up on...
  4. rob allen

    ISO this fitting

    We have the fitting (3 way block) we just don't list it on the site yet. Feel free to email [email protected] and send that pic and request. They will send you a custom email order for it.
  5. rob allen

    Look who updated their upholstery tool!

    Isn’t it nice when manufacturers listen to us cleaners?
  6. rob allen

    Tile and Grout Cleaning!! I am clueless!!

    Read the reviews on Groutmaster.
  7. rob allen

    steam line splitter

    @TomHen75 I have them in stock at
  8. rob allen

    The most popular rug cleaners on the planet!

    As promised, the most popular rug cleaners on the planet, the Mayes family!
  9. rob allen

    Finally bought a new wand

    Awesome. Thanks for the shout out and that wand is a work of art!
  10. rob allen

    What do you charge for leather cleaning?

    What would you charge for a leather chair & footstool? How about a typical leather sofa?
  11. rob allen

    3rd Party Referral Service Providers

    Friendly reminder; 3rd party service providers are usually the biggest crooks in every industry esp carpet cleaning.
  12. rob allen

    Check out my new zero residue video

    Throw me a like and comment if you like it! And subscribe!
  13. rob allen

    What would you charge for the restaurant?

    Went with a tech to give an estimate at a fine restaurant that we like to eat at. The owner is asking for a price to move and not move the furniture. (They’ll move the wine glasses) It’s about 2k sq ft. How would you price it with you moving the tables vs them moving the tables?
  14. rob allen

    Would you accept weed for a tip?

    Prob right. It was a rhetorical question tho.
  15. rob allen

    Would you accept weed for a tip?

    A guy bragged on Facebook about getting this weed as a tip. Would you accept it? I paid you allow your employees to accept it?
  16. rob allen

    2 Years In

    I predict 50% carpet cleaning businesses going under in next few years. Strong forward moving companies will get the lions share.
  17. rob allen

    Specifically about wicking; do you charge for callbacks?

    I think it depends on the issue, the initial cleaning date and the client. So most times, no. If I sense a scam, yes.
  18. rob allen

    What’s your vehicle accident policy?

    Yeah did hardly any damage to our big Aerotech but the guys Jeep Cherokee pretty thrashed. And appreciate that.
  19. rob allen

    Triton LS bushings

    I believe New England Truckmounts bought out a lot of WM remaining inventory. I suggest contacting them. An alternative is the mechanic Harrry Banches in Tampa Fl Janitorrs Direct.
  20. rob allen

    What’s your vehicle accident policy?

    People are scummy. A guy ran into the side of one my trucks. Tech was on the phone with us and the guy admitted it was his fault. He didn’t want police called but that’s our policy. When they showed up he blamed our tech. What’s your policy? (Pic for attention, not my truck)
  21. rob allen

    ***List ways to improve TMF here

    @Blackheart we are in lengthy process of switching software. Takes a month or so with this large of a forum content. You can private message me if you need to.
  22. rob allen

    What if a tenant doesn't pay for the carpet cleaning..?

    Break window and pump it into the living room.
  23. rob allen

    Acceptable rH levels for directly after cleaning, and at different time intervals after?

    I’d be more concerned with getting air movement via fans and or air conditioning on low.
  24. rob allen

    How to get rid dog odor and stinky dander smells (video)

    Why are dog odor and dander smells so hard to get rid of? They’re not. Most just don’t know how to remove it. No longer. In this video you will learn how to differentiate dog dander odor vs urine odors. More importantly how to get rid of it. But surprisingly many homeowners don’t even...