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    Urine pretreat products?

    Just curious what your go to prespray is for urine. I dont mean for attacking 'known' locations of pet urine. But what do you use as a prespray for the rest of the carpet in that room, to take a care of any other less obvious spots. More to ease the customers mind, but still be effective. Thanks
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    Help identifying my wand please

    Hi there, I have 2 of these wands. I believe they are the VT14. But what is the exact name/brand I need to have when looking for a teflon glide. We've had them for a long time. My father bought them when he owned the business and was alive. I cant find records that identify them for sure. I've...
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    Performer 405 blower belts

    Performer 405 In the past the belts were just replaced if I had to bring the machine in for a repair I wasnt able to do myself. This time however, I want to replace the blower belts myself. Are there any special tips? Or is it pretty straight forward? Thanks Jason
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    ISO: Prochem performer 405 vac break diaphragm

    Hey there, Does anyone happen to have a vacuum break stem/spring/diaphragm kit laying around for sale? Or just a diaphragm? Part #43-807106 is the part # in the manual. However, I googled it and zero results. Hoping someone has one on hand they would sell. Thanks Jason
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    Does anyone know if Hardball Chemical are still in business since Mike passed away?
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    Water temp issue, Preformer 405

    Hey all, New to the forum. Although I've browsed it for info for awhile now. I have two trucks and run Performer 405's in both of them. One of the trucks is having a water temp issue. Issue being, it won't heat the water over 200°. So far I've replaced a number of parts. I'm not just throwing...