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    What does it mean for Dilute Viper Venom with 16 parts warm water?

    I always use groutmaster. Recently my sprayer stopped working and I got a Kobalt sprayer and decided to use a liquid cleaner this go around. The dilution is telling me to Dilute Viper Venom with 16 parts warm water. Is that one ounce of viper venom per every 16 ounces of water? Its two gallons...
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    TMT 3G Trailer

    I am looking at a used TMT 3G trailer package. Looks like a rebranded SS 454. Not sure on blower size. Really nice trailer. The current own really is meticulous and keeps everything in bay. Says he gets an oil change every 75 hours. The Mount has 2100 hours on it. Comes with everything but a...
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    What to do?

    Good morning everyone. I am new to the group, and have found this site to be very useful. I have spent many hours researching, watching, training, etc, on the carpet/floor cleaning business. I have decided to start my own. I currently have a full-time job, but I am self-employed. This will be a...