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    Lint spots stuck in carpet floor

    Hey there, I have come accross a few of these jobs where customers have booked me for just a move in/out steam clean and was hoping maybe someone has a method other then what i do that may make life easier. I have attached the photo, so to get rid of them what i do is prespray (soak them a...
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    Cash Jobs

    Hey All, Im in a bit of a predicament, Im a new business been operating for just over 6 months with a mytee 1003dx (i know big mistake needed something with more PSI). One of my biggest problems is people paying me cash. I love cash for various reasons but as a new business i need to show...
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    Official Facebook LIKE Pages from TMF & Members wont let me post as link.. still fresh off the boat in this group
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    I'm raising my minimum to get rid of low end clients

    I would say stick to your guns. your prices are your prices, period. You are right though it happens alot but you gotta have some thick skin. Probably change up where your target market is as where you are atm isn't ideal anymore. Same thing happened to me and even though i havn't boosted prices...
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    Fringe Cleaning

    Nice, why didn't i think of that. I just had a confrontation with a customer because of the fringes on her rug. I used the bridge point stain guard mixed with with flex fire and rubbing alcohol. scrubbed my heart out didn't go too well. Ended up refunding her for the whole clean.