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    new to truckmount need advice

    hello! i recently purchased a used truckmount. ENGINE: kohler command pro 25 BLOWER: sutorbilt 4m blower PUMP: cat 290 shaft coupler is dodge para-flex px70(very shaky, need to modify to get rid of the shake). before, nothing works. i did an overhaul on the engine, and on the blower. now it...
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    adding voltage to a vacuum motor.

    hello, im just wondering if theres anybody here knows how to add voltage to a vacuum motor to putdown power with long hose runs. i only found variacs are the way to go, but wondering if anybody here does the same thing already.
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    Rotovac powerwand powerheads

    looking for rotovac powerwand heads, preferably in canada. but willing to pay for shipping if in US. with felt gaskets if possible. thank you!
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    ametek 6.6 120 to 240v conversion

    is it possible to rewire a 120v 6.6 into a 240v?
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    120v to 240v conversion

    I do have a question, can i rewire a 120v vacuum motor to work on a 240v plug? or theres no other way around it? i ordered 240v vacuum motors but i received a 120v model, and it took forever to get to me. thanks for answering in advance! im a little handy with electrical stuff.
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    Mytee 6.6 LX Question

    Hello everybody! I am from canada, and would like to retrofit a 6.6 LX on a non mytee portable. I just wanted to know where to purchase them, it seems like they require a mytee machine to obtain these motors? Any inputs will be appreciated, thank you!