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    upholstery foam

    With foam that heavy I imagine she pretty well saturated the cushions with whatever she used. If so the only real solution would be to thoroughly rinse through the entire cushion which is likely impossible. Rinsing from the surface will keep pulling more of the residue to the surface without...
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    Mercenized Cotton

    I can't say I've run into Mercerized cotton in rugs before. It's certainly possible, but given that the point of a cotton rug would be cost-reduction and rayon is much cheaper than even cotton it would be an unlikely material. At any rate if it were a customer's I would treat it like the more...
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    Mercenized Cotton

    Rayon and cotton will burn pretty much the same way. Rayon can have different kinds of content but much of it is mostly cotton anyway, so they can act similarly. Is there a label stating that it is cotton?
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    First time dealing with freezing temps

    Not saying there's no risk at all, but most of the time you see vans burn because of space heaters it's the same reason houses burn due to space heaters- letting the heater be too close to clutter. If your van is clean and organized the risk is much lower.
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    Polyester rug browning help

    Sorry I missed this until now! I've had rugs, especially thicker rugs, that held a lot of soiling towards the base of the fibers. In flood situations this can be particularly common as the water can carry soiling from wherever it travels into the rug. As the top of the fibers dry faster than the...
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    Cotton upholstery, dry clean only?

    How do you clean your cotton towels, t-shirts, or blue jeans?
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    Upholstery cleaning

    The main thing I'd be concerned about in this case (having seen nothing but the posted images) would be the feathers, which would not be in the back of the piece. Testing on the back is a good way to test the fibers, but sometimes the content of the cushioned parts can cause problems. Usually...
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    HELP…Couch cushion destroyed?!

    You've gotten some good advice as far as the color removal. I'd like to chime in for future reference about the fiber type. You mentioned initially looking for a tag. Very often upholstery tags don't list the materials in the upholstery, they are only required to list interior materials. Even...
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    whats your opinion?

    The two can happen together. Some cleaners throw in the towel because people aren't spending the money on carpet cleaning. They try to salvage what they can by selling their equipment on CL, Ebay, etc. New cleaners pop up using equipment they got cheap off CL, Ebay, etc. and sell themselves for...
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    When & how’s best way get rid low end hood jobs?

    How much do you guys see repeats in lower-end jobs? Not property management jobs, just lower end homeowners. I imagine dropping those jobs would be more about the psychology of the cleaner and less about how to get away from them. I focus on rugs, so it's pretty easy to turn people away when...
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    Massive supply chain shortages

    I can not understand how some people think the "Great Reset" is supposed to be some kind of overthrowing of the rich when its strongest support comes from some of the wealthiest men in the world. It reminds me of Animal Farm, when all this is over we will finally all be equals- nevermind that...
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    Unusual browning issue with wool and viscose rug

    Photos only go so far but it does look like you may be right about the nap. I'm curious how it will go for you. As far as the crease my inclination would be to give it some time laid out and see if foot traffic works it loose. Of course with that method the results depend on the amount of...
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    how would you respond?

    I am not a lawyer and don't know law, but I do know I get amusing threats like this all the time. Even from the "FBI", using gmail or yahoo as any reputable government agency would. I would definitely not sweat it as long as your site is on the up-and-up and the sender isn't linking a legit...
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    Chemical in rug backing?

    Cold-water extracted the back of this rug and got an interesting surprise. The originally grey backing shed green, like I was pulling the green out of it. The backing itself now seems to be dirt-brown, but as you can see there's green blotchy stuff all over. It came back pretty quickly after...
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    Not enough heat at high psi

    2200 degree cleaning water will be a real game-changer! ;)
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    Tips for getting into area rugs top down style.

    Often synthetic rugs are made similarly to synthetic wall-to-wall. As long as they don't have jute or something like that in the foundation they tend to be pretty resistant to water damage and dry quickly. There are always outliers, but cleaning synthetics like wall-to-wall tends to work...
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    Carpet cleaning slip & falls

    It does seem absurd, in a world full of water slides, slip 'n' slides, bath mats, and all manner of capitalizing on the fact that water slides on a smooth surface, someone could sue on the basis of "You didn't inform me that water slides on a smooth surface." You'd think it would be as simple as...
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    CGD Buckling after VLM cleaning!?

    The agitation might have been worse than the moisture if the adhesive was already going out. Good thing you didn't HWE, it's probably held in place with grease at this point!
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    Area rug buckled up

    Of course if the fibres are crunchy a rinse and dry might be all it needs. If that's not enough: Does it have any kind of backing? Any chance of natural materials in the foundation? As far as the buckles go it could lay flat with traffic, but the weight of the furniture might "lock" everything...
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    Why are carpet cleaners so “diversified”?

    I don't know about other trades but I do know a carpet cleaner who "stays hungry" starts to see money all over. Carpet repair is a natural addition for someone who knows how carpet works. A carpet cleaner with a TM or good porty can easily branch into cleaning just about every flooring type...
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    Do you price match? What’s your reply?

    I suppose I would sum up "good business" as "profitable for both sides", just as I would sum up "ethical business" as "profitable for both sides". You could go further, but at some point we're writing a book instead of forum posts. You are absolutely correct and in my defense I used the word...
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    Do you price match? What’s your reply?

    I suppose my conversations tend to take a question like this in the context of the rest of the conversation. If it feels like they're hunting for the lowest price the response would be along the lines of "If you found a price you like why don't you use that guy?" If it feels like they just don't...
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    Carpet stiff after cleaning

    Disagreement with a company owner can be tough. Most of the people on this board own their own business and many of them are solo operators largely to avoid that problem altogether. When it comes to rinsing I like to think about what a clean carpet is in the first place. It's obviously a...
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    And this backing be like......

    If you do soak it be careful about moving it/agitating it while wet. The backing is glued on and you could accidentally damage the glue leading to a big mess and a damaged rug. In my experience the backing will be 100% cotton but that shouldn't be a big issue if you can dry it fast and, as...
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    Trendy chemically washed rugs are becoming a problem....any advice?

    As far as explaining the problem goes, the way you explained it here should be fine. The rugs go through a process to add age, aging is a destructive process whether it takes decades or minutes. If they don't get it there are videos on YouTube you can show them where rug makers actually use a...