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    Sapphire Scientific Rage Vs Hydramaster 318HP

    I'm looking to buy a new truck mount, Either a Sapphire Scientific Rage or a Hydramaster 318HP. I would like to know the pros and cons of each machine, Any advise would be great!
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    Good carpet agitator before hot water extraction

    Hi, I live in Sydney Australia and was looking to buy a good quality carpet pre agitator or scrubber to use on heavily soiled carpets as a pre-treatment before using a portable hot water extractor. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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    Us Products Pex 500 or Mytee 1003DX Speedster

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering if I could get some advise on these 2 carpet portable extraction units, Us Products Pex 500 and Mytee 1003DX Speedster. I'm after a lightweight unit that is easy to handle in and out of the van, also a machine the is easy to service and take on long commercial jobs...
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    Is Preload 5 suitable for all carpets?

    Hey everyone, I got my hand on TMF Preload 5 and was hoping for some advise on what carpet types it is safe/suitable for? Any advise is appreciated!! :)
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    White Cotton Upholstery Steam Cleaning.

    I was recently cleaning white cotton upholstery with a portable carpet extractor, using a sapphire upholstery tool. hydra master neutral fine fabric pre-spray and an acid rinse through the machine with the clean water. There was problems with the cleaning process - unable to remove the soil from...