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  1. Prowler

    Van and Truckmount for Quick sale: South Texas

    Van and Truckmount for FAST sale: South Texas Clear Title Ready to sale today LOCATED IN Corpus Christi, TX Priced for Immediate sale at $10,000 Buyer must travel to Corpus Christi, Texas for this price Includes 2008 Chevy van 77,000 miles 25 horse power Chem-Tex truck mount with 600 hours on...
  2. Prowler

    How long before new TM breaks ?

    I'm thinking about getting a new Amtex machine. How many hours of use should a new unit work until I start having some type of repair issues, assuming I keep up with oil and lube changes. Also what is the life expectancy of an Amtex unit? I am trying to make a budget but don't have enough...
  3. Prowler

    Buying new TM. How many HP needed.

    I am getting a new truck mount, my old one is wore out. I only need to use one wand at a time and usually don't need more than 300ft of hose. 98% of time use 150 ft or less of hose, never used over 300 ft. How big of unit would you suggest I need. I've been using a 20 hp and it seems to work...