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  1. mrotto

    Have a prototype!

    So once in a great while I run across a door that is just a tad taller than either my Seal A Door standard or Seal A Door tall door drapes. When I would run across this situation I would need to stack styrofoam blocks under the poles to keep it in place but that #1 looked unprofessional and #2...
  2. mrotto

    what inflation?

    Wow, I didnt know it was that widespread.
  3. mrotto

    what inflation?

    so I give a 12 oz bottle of StainX to every client with my label attached of course. Been doing that like forever. Everybody loves the stuff. Anyway, my price last September was 2.19 per bottle. When I called for a new order the price is now $4.32 per bottle! WHAT? six cents short of...
  4. mrotto

    Re-appearing blood Stain

    went back yesterday to finish the job, Blood spot DID NOT come back!
  5. mrotto

    What would you charge for the restaurant?

    but the key question is how often?
  6. mrotto

    Re-appearing blood Stain

    just cleaned a carpet today 10 inch blood stain. Just flushed with water as stated above and it was gone. Put a DriPod on it to speed dry. Going back on Monday to finish the job (huge house with lots of upholstery too) which will give me the opportunity to see if it comes back but it felt...
  7. mrotto

    Re-appearing blood Stain

    quarter size blood spots and your treating it with spotters????? Your just diluting and spreading it making it more difficult to remove. Simple rinse with water almost always does the trick. separate the fibers and flush with an upholstery tool. Direct spray and suck. easy peazy
  8. mrotto

    new to truckmount need advice

    I love you mechanic types that spend more time on your machines than actual cleaning!
  9. mrotto

    HOST FREESTYLE Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning! FREE Shipping $1795

    Host FREESTYLE carpet cleaning machine Includes 1 set of Zebra brushes shown Will provide additional pictures at any angle you wish upon request. . Ships to lower 48 States Serial Number T-8747
  10. mrotto

    HOST RELIANT Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning Machine

    Host RELIANT carpet cleaning machine In Like New Condition! Includes 1 set of white brushes shown Power cord is straight with three prong plug. Free shipping to lower 48 States Compare to $4978.00 new! $1695.00
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    oh, that explains it. Im not allowed to buy from Joe. You must be on his good side
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    ok, I will bite, what does IOR stand for?
  13. mrotto

    Acceptable rH levels for directly after cleaning, and at different time intervals after?

    of course any effort to increase air flow while cleaning or slow drying strokes helps remove more moisture. Open windows if temps allow especially if there is a breeze. AC on if hot/humid. Ceiling fans, box fans on upon leaving. Although RH is important, its not like your trying to dry out a...
  14. mrotto

    Acceptable rH levels for directly after cleaning, and at different time intervals after?

    it would be helpful to know more specifics. Is it the same customer that consistently calls to complain or several customers? What equipment do you use?
  15. mrotto

    Specifically about wicking; do you charge for callbacks?

    agree, no charge for callbacks. If there is a chance that it got into the padding I will explain that it may wick back, but then proceed to speed dry it with either a Dry Pod or in extreme cases a hair dryer. I cant remember my last callback but not saying I never had one. Over 40 years...
  16. mrotto

    Titan 575 solution overheat

    the only problems I have had with my Titan is electrical. Seems like this is just another case. One bad connector, one burnt connection and a bad starter. Thanks for this post. that way I will know what it is if it ever happens. Other than that, its a great machine.
  17. mrotto

    OMG, Black Label shocked me!

    I was thinking of this today while cleaning. Many people ask why a manufacturer produces so many presprays. Well this thread is the answer. Its really a personal preference. Plus even one cleaner may like one, go to another and even go back to the original over time. I guess, as long as...
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    For Sale: Prochem Truckmount Everest 870HP

    yah, price would be nice.
  19. mrotto

    OMG, Black Label shocked me!

    After trying a few of Robs Chems, I used Black Label for awhile. Then I came across a rat nasty and added Biopro. I was extremely impressed. So I used that combo for for quite some time until I ran out of Black Label
  20. mrotto

    Host Freestyle Dry Carpet Cleaner

    message me asap