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    30 hp kohler engine for sale

    selling a kohler engine 30 hp that I recently got from Johnny. We decided to go with a water cooled engine in our refurbished unit. I have not even taken it out of the frame. runs great though. I will be coming to Vegas next week and I can bring it over there. any takers??
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    El Diablo Owners

    Hey guys does anyone here owns an el diablo Diesel heated? I got questions for you thanks
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    Same thing I would say

    Scott True chemical optical brighteners, the kind that absorb UV light and fluoresce are bad for carpet and may be linked to health problems for some people. True optical brighteners will void the warranty of most carpet. Oxygen boosters are sometimes referred to as optical brighteners. Oxygen...
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    Work in progress

    Your opinions on this webpage please guys Do I need to improve anything??
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    does anyone knows how to set up a tini-tach on a nissan A15 engine? I just can't figure it out. the tach works fine on my other Tm but on this one oscillates like crazy @Todd the Cleaner
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    How much do guys know....

    We have a situation. a tested wool carpet was stained with strawberry yogurt. Lady tried to clean it with dish soap and water. the stain remains. How would you guys fix it and what would you use. No brands just the type of product. Then will show you the results on a video with all of...
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    can you all guys help please

    I'm looking at a TM. Better said, I bought a TM that has only 300 hrs at a very low price. I learned in the negotiation that the TM has been to colorado for a few months and I got worried that maybe it was not properly winterized thus the reason of the significant price drop. The owner claims...
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    Isn't this similar to mustard? who knows if there is anything out there to successfully remove turmeric stains. and can tell me where to get it. I don't have a UV strong enough nor I wanna spend all day waiting for the light to work. Has anyone know if anyone has come out with a...
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    I got me a Present

    I missed this 30 years ago.... Now! 30 years later.... I got VIP passes for me and my wife!
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    Jon Don Products.

    who here has used Matrix miracle and bad dog. do you like them. I wanna order some but not so sure. can you guys help?
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    @Todd the Cleaner @1ST CHOICE CLEANING What ever happened to the signatures guys. Is it just me or you removed the feature. I used to have a beautiful beutiful signature with my name on it. :D:D:D
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    Carpet Off gassing

    I got a call to do an inspection for possible moisture on walls. Tenant has been complaining about a estrange smell inside one room.. When I opened the door I got hit by the smell. Not to strong but it smelled like the glue they use for the backing of rugs. kinda weird. no moisture, no...
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    I love it

    I love it when people have valid questions and want to know exactly how Rob Allen came to change the carpet industry cleaning for the best and there is nbo valid anser to it. I love it when @admin loose the contest challenges the person respectfully deabating to come up with another but but...
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    solution hoses

    Parker Parflex. anyone ever used this hose I need feedback same for shieffer. I heard this is cheap and not so good. I need to order replacements and I wanna know if there is anything better than Goodyear thanks
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    Is this my pal six??

    @Six Figure Solo Cleaner
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    Wet Carpet on concrete slab Help ASAP

    I'm working on a local warehouse and I wanted to ask the experts is it possible to save gluedown carpet? Do I have to always remove it ? I would appreciate your comments guys thank you The carpet is on concrete FYI
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    Why being affraid? solve the problem at once. coming from a closed thread

    @Nomad74 this is what I'm talking about. why don't you just get rid of his ass and let the fun continue. lock this thread he will make another one. lock the other one he will piss people off on another. Get rid of his ass and save this place. I mean having a temper tantrum here and there is...
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    my grand mother's haunted house

    Just so you know my Grand mother was a white magic witch. ever since I was child and under my grandpa's care, I told everyone about ghosts living in that house. I used to talk to them; little children just like me. If I would have told this stories now, I would be locked up in a mental...
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    Directories and Market Places

    Hey guys this is one of the reasons why I don't join market places. read this out and check the terms and conditions.
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    which blower

    I'am trying to decide which kind of blowers I should buy for machines. I can go with greased bearings the most typical one or the DSL I heard that the DSL's tend to leak soon and I'm sick and tired of greasing my bearings weekly. anyone have experience or comments on the DSL blowers?? do you...
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    Question for Janitors

    anyone familiar with this machine?? your thoughts ADVANCE MICROMATIC M17B
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    Mold on travertine.

    I'm bidding on shower restoration tomorrow. the lady mentioned there is mold (black stuff) in the stone itself. anybudy has ever removed this stuff from the tile??
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    When it rains it pours

    I dunno what the heck is wrong with my luck this days but I think I got to call my aunt Rosa the witch and have her do some witchcraft to fix me up. Last night (Wednesday) I had a long night working I got to sleep only one hour before i had to go out to the trenches again. I came home last...
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    comments thoughts????

    Posted the same day the incident happened The upside of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, a very charming and friendly young man. The downside was the price - $149 for 13 stairs, a small landing and basically two bedrooms. I would have been thrilled to pay the price, and more, if I had not had to physically...