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  1. Fletcher13

    Just spray it right on the dog crap...

    You will bend over as they take your money!
  2. Fletcher13

    NuClean FUSION MELTDOWN arrives!

    "Constant emphasis on development" a.k.a. "Forever releasing developing products not yet cleared of problems." I'm not chasing this ever-shifting bunny until it finds a finished resting place.
  3. Fletcher13

    Spotter Bottles - Jon-Don VS Home Pro

    I guess that is your opinion of the labels. Personally, I am pleased with the Jon-Don spotter. I am sure that both are good products, but my reasoning for my choice is two-fold. 1). HomePro looks the same as everyone else's free HomePro spotter. I could just as well slap a advertising sticker...
  4. Fletcher13

    My flashlight beats your flashlight!!

    Who REALLY needs a flashlight anyway! Just plant your nose to the carpet and snort! If your not sure what the stain is, just lick the carpet for positive stain identification! It will save you $200.00 on a UV light.:eek:
  5. Fletcher13

    Fusion prespray?

    Don't have time for a few days to chase a resolution. It is certainly reasonable to give the manufacturer an opportunity to work it out. In the meantime I will follow the thread to see if it is a yes or no.
  6. Fletcher13

    Fusion prespray?

    It doesn't "do" in sprayers. Boiled water and added it and it still would not completely dissolve. Relegated to be a laundry additive.
  7. Fletcher13


    I wonder if this is a fancy form of acidic club soda in a tablet! Would club soda take out smell?
  8. Fletcher13


    Does anyone employ this CO2 product instead of oxy or enzymes? Usually I see such technology first in professional carpet cleaning, but saw a reference to it on My Cat from Hell show. It sounds interesting but not especially cost effective for large issues. Thanks in advance for your input!
  9. Fletcher13

    What do you guys think of Grease-Eater prespray?

    I recall reading a post a few weeks past that was going to compare GreaseEater with Fusion. Has there been a posted followup? My 2 Cents GE mixes better Fusion does not like to dissolve or mix well. I think that Fusion breaks down stains a bit (very little bit) better than GreaseEater...
  10. Fletcher13

    Magic wand chems update

    I have never been overly impressed with MW chemistry. As stand-alone chems, I think they suck. I have never had anything that a good dose of toxic Butyl would not get out better. GreaseEater is fair at grease, but anything that needs peroxide still needs stainmagic in the end. Big claims...
  11. Fletcher13

    Rob, Found your message after the movie last night. Also found that I can contact you directly...

    Rob, Found your message after the movie last night. Also found that I can contact you directly here. I have a day job I have to get to and would be happy to contact you tonight if that works for you. Thanks, Jeff Paton
  12. Fletcher13


    "Rob is so good that he would never do anything wrong by ignoring a complaint!" "Something must be wrong with anyone who would say that the Almighty Rob could have blown it in the area of communication!" I am up in the middle of the night defending myself, so why should he be any different? We...
  13. Fletcher13


    I would hope that this is all it is. A little bit of communication and assistance from the seller would be appreciated. It sounds abnormal that they would avoid a problem, but I am not "seeming" or "assuming" that I have not gotten a callback or e-mail response. I cannot help that it appears to...
  14. Fletcher13


    That was the e-mail I received dated 21 March. No other notice has been received with the exception of an e-mail to review the fine products that I did not receive. Once again, I understand backorders; I do not understand evading an issue with a customer.
  15. Fletcher13


    I have never raised a dispute with PayPal before; thanks for the recommendation!
  16. Fletcher13


    How can it be slander if it is true? Facts are certainly stubborn things. One solid week of being ignored. Once I get a real person on the phone and explain that I have a problem with my order I am promised that I would get a callback; nothing! What more can be to this "story"? As you follow...
  17. Fletcher13


    An order you recently placed on our website has had its status changed. The status of order #777 is now Shipped Order Details Order Total: $300.93 USD Date Placed: 19th Mar 2013 Payment Method: PayPal
  18. Fletcher13


    I cannot comment about the intellect of his choice, I personally went with a credible company and knowingly waited 5 weeks to have mine built and shipped. If that is the normal timeline for a TMF truckmount to be built, and he was OK with a year, that is his choice. I am not waiting a year to...
  19. Fletcher13


    He ignores me for a week and I am despicable? This site appears to be the only way to contact him and get it resolved! How many weeks or months would you wait as someone screwed you out of nearly $200.00 dollars? I wanted what he offered, and wanted to be a regular customer if the product was...
  20. Fletcher13


    Your Order Contains... Cart Items Qty Item Price Item Total Carpet Cleaning Hose Stair Hook 2 $14.99 USD $29.98 USD Carpet Cleaning Spotting Bars with Grips 1 $12.95 USD $12.95 USD Pure Oxide-Booster-Urine Stain & Odor Remover-Spotter 1 $75.00 USD $75.00 USD TMF Preload Prespray *HOT NEW...
  21. Fletcher13


    It's legit, and I have been trying to get a return call or e-mail for one week. I waited 3 days to ensure that the remainder of product did not follow before calling to inquire. If he would get off his lazy ass and check his e-mail or phone messages he would be able to easily contact me. All...
  22. Fletcher13


    I think that you are only one of a multitude of victims, though most are unnamed. I was shorted almost two full cases of juice and cannot get a callback to get it resolved. I guess that I will have to spend precious time filling a fraud report to my credit card in the morning and post a notice...
  23. Fletcher13

    best all-around pre-spray????

    Is Snake Oil a buytl base like Vacaway's Hot Knife? I heard some people comment that ammonia is strong in it. Right now I use Hot Knife.
  24. Fletcher13

    Vacaway Intensity Green Review

    The Red has added ammonia to boost the cleaning. I have used both and definitely prefer the Red. It is much faster on grease IMO.