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    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    "Asymptomatic transmission" is common in viruses, and it's one of the characteristics discussed among those who consider the dangers (or opportunities) in bioweapons. SARS1 was already known to spread sans symptoms, this one is largely identical (it's referred to as SARS2 among those who...
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    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    I don't blame you at all, it's not an unreasonable way to think about it. Smart so long as your circumstances fit.
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    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    Smart smart smart smart smart... A hint from the buy who studied this stuff: natural viruses tend to struggle jumping species, this one jumps between practically everything. The way you get a virus to do that is incubating it among many cell cultures, or even mixed cell cultures, from various...
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    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    The literal first lesson of "learned people" in many universities (bio and medical programs included) is that there are thousands of hands trying to get into the cookie jar and only a couple of cookies. Fear, playing to prejudices and attitudes, etc. gets money. ^ The actual first lesson I...
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    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    You know how when someone tells you they had DhemCry come do their carpets and "they were dry afterwards, completely, and looked the same! Is that normal?" You know better? Or 'the helpful lady on the phone told me to get Dawn and some Vinegard and vigorously scrub!' is something you...
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    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    I hate to break this to you but your video linked is also a bunch of rambled nonsense. Hand-waiving and predation on people who don't know what's what and their biases. :( This woman is very, very bad--a doctor at the bottom of their class is still called "Doctor"--and I can't warn you enough.
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    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    That article is a mishmash of impressive-sounding terms for those who don't know anything about biology. In short, a troll/fake news maker. It also mis-cites the articles linked, probably to see if anyone reading pays any attention and comments about it in the comments section: I know a few...
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    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    "Not vaccinated/fully yet. Our technicians are happy to wear properly fitted masks with suitable materials--fibrous cottons or other actual filters, and not spandex or other synthetics that will simply increase particulates if sneezed or coughed through, and if showing any signs of symptoms of...
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    Help Pricing Jobs

    People say "too many variables" but... It's true and false: I nearly always charged 3-5x what anybody else did (including going back to jobs the co. had visited prior), and never had a problem or hiccup doing so. The reasons for this weren't because I was trained in salesmanship, tricks...
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    Who Does E-Mail Marketing?

    Email is nowadays also a major legal headache: actual laws require a lot from you to even ask for them, and if you get them but haven't done the things required, you should discard them... Largely due to e.g. "oh they want my email for this valuable thing!? I'll just input someone else's..."...
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    GoDaddy wants to make me a website.

    Protip from security side of things: last POTUS did a hard drive crack-down on "the worst of" materials online--Wordpress is hyper-flexible and complex and evolving (and mess of code) has always been difficult to secure (and *KEEP* secured). Self-installs therefore are huge targets right...
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    Would You Partner Your Business with a Cleaning Franchise?

    Really odd thing to say! Partnerships *can be* disaster--or they can take your date to exit from 2050 to next year. First Rule: you don't act like equals but distribute power/responsibility per actual experience/skill. Second Rule: anyone who can't handle his/her little feelz being hurt by not...
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    If you look back a feller here gave me advice to start helping guys with marketing... I know the biz so still do that but I can help all you want. I'm $150/hour for consulting, **and literally worth every penny.** Since this isn't my forum though, I'll have to ask the boss around here where I...
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    Cleaner Guy Forced into an Odd Situation

    Agreed and same. I actually started my recovery plan by fasting for a week+. I now also doe a bit more complicated treatment of this, e.g. I don't just do intermittent, I think about the end-result of fasting desired. Intermittent is still included, but if you're, say, doing keto but...
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    Cleaner Guy Forced into an Odd Situation

    No though I understand why people would: I've a relative with a crooked spine and any support/straightening he gets helps. I DID decided to correct pelvic tilt once I was much more functioning though. But the kind of headaches I'm getting were "diagnosed"...but are themselves symptomatic of...
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    Cleaner Guy Forced into an Odd Situation

    Update: So...I ended-up "in decline" a while, thought through a ton of my past studies, began bio-hacking to get better: had a ton of symptoms that matched conditions you can get from certain kinds of health history (that I had) . A friendly acquaintance of mine heard what I put myself through...
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    How's TMF & the Mobile App working for you now?

    I'm on a Mac and it never seems to function properly anyway. Like, you know, as though they had QA before releasing this hunk. x*D
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    Who answers your phones?

    That's why you would be charging them for a basic ride along, and since you're calling a company that won't stop harrassing you, why you call them only while using the RR, preferably #2 with a lot of noise to accompany the call. :) Okay, potty humor, off to time out...
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    Like my meatballs. :)
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    Who answers your phones?

    Right way - You: "So what do your peeps know about carpet cleaning." Company: "Ummm...." You: "Well then how could I possibly hire your services?" Company: "Well you'd tell us what you want." You: "And have them sound like those poor blokes in India reading a script about computers they may not...
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    Sole proprietor or LLC? And business credit?

    Wow guys! O.O Just wanted to add a few cents here that I bet will be helpful for folks. I've got a shelf of works on LLCs and been setting things up, including with legal advise (which the following does not in any way constitute and shall not be relied upon by any sane person as such, nor...
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    Who answers your phones?

    I second Sierra's answer and add: people really do seem to call provider #2, #3 in succession till they get someone and then, all to often, close on an agreement immediately. You call back 5 minutes later and they're like "already got someone you jerk." o.O Really, all of us have been there. I...
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    Competition running AdWords

    So what I'm gathering from your siggy is by "forget about it" you mean "I've already 'taken care' of it"? :D