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  1. RoyS

    Air quality mold test kits?

    Before an engineering firm gets called into a friends fathers home is there a good air quality mold test kit that can be purchased and from where? His dad is having health problems and they would like to rule this out if they can. Thanks
  2. RoyS

    HWE or Encap in Assisted Living complex?

    I just went to look at an assisted living facility that want a quote for their carpet. It is the glue down squares that seem to be popping up everywhere. It has been down since 09 and only cleaned in house. Their is 3960 sq ft of hallways not including all the insets by some of the doors. I am...
  3. RoyS

    Floor finish question

    Is it that you can't put a higher solid finish over a lower solid or the other way around. I just got a call from an apartment owner that is wanting a top scrub and coat. Not sure what they put on before. I haven't looked at the job yet but my thoughts at this time is tell him it may be best to...
  4. RoyS

    Tilemaster for outdoor concrete cleaning? vs. Shorebest 2790

    I had received a sample of Tilemaster from Rob a while back and I used it on a local restaurant tile floor and liked it. I do some outdoor concrete cleaning from time to time and was wondering if it will work just as well. A friend of mine has a five gallon bucket of the Shorebest of which I...
  5. RoyS

    Pricing question

    I have a restaurant that I clean for quarterly. They have asked me to give them a bid on cleaning the back pads on their booths. There is only one per booth side and they only about 4-5 inches by the length of the booth. Maybe 4-5 foot. They are somewhat grungy on the top side of the pad. I have...
  6. RoyS

    A good store to look into for pressure washing. One of the best places I have come across for pricing on new pressure washers.
  7. RoyS

    Pressure washing forum.

    Didn't know if anyone has been on this site. I use it occasionally. There is also another I use for fleet washing.
  8. RoyS

    Think I may have froze up my machine.

    My equipment is in an enclosed trailer and I always park it inside my pole barn and plug a heater in. Well after my last job on Friday evedently I forgot to do that. Very unlike me to do that. Since it has been a bit colder than usual here things have been a bit slow. So yesterday I was out in...
  9. RoyS

    Bidding a 6600 sq.ft CGD gym.

    I am new to the encap way of cleaning and have a few questions. The floor I am bidding is in a gym area in a church and they let the kids bring drinks and food in all the time. So there are alot of spots from spills and it doesn't help that they have never had the carpet cleaned since they put...
  10. RoyS

    Issues with a new finished VCT floor.

    I just finished putting finish on a new VCT floor a couple of weeks ago. I got a call today to come look at it. It was stated there is a haze or white film on the floor that they can't get off. They usually use a neutral floor cleaner up until this last week. The person who usually mops couldn't...
  11. RoyS

    White spots in floor finish.

    Having an issue with a floor I just did. This company put down black VCT in their production restrooms. I went in and cleaned then applied the floor finish. I went back three weeks later because they was using steam to remove some wallpaper and got some steam on the floor and discolored the...
  12. RoyS

    Is this marble?

    Had a call today to come look at a floor in a bank. This floor has been down for alot of years. It is a pretty old building. The color of the floor is a brownish gray. It looks like someone had put some floor finish or something on it. I took my pocket knife and scraped what looked like floor...
  13. RoyS

    Anyone do fleet washing?

    Just curious as I am thinking about expanding our business and starting a fleet washing company.
  14. RoyS

    Looking for a bigger waste tank.

    I know this isn't the right place for this but wasn't sure where to put it. I am thinking about building a recovery system using just a small engine and a small 36 blower. I need a tank that is probably 150 or bigger and curious as to where to look. All I need it to do is reclaim excess water on...
  15. RoyS

    Need pricing advice

    I have 1000 sq.ft of pvc deck and 1300 sq.ft of faux stone siding that goes up four foot all the way around a house. It is just a man made masonry stone. I don't usually do power washing but was asked to add it onto the stamped concrete that I am cleaning for them. I will have to seal the...
  16. RoyS

    I am in a jam.

    I have a job in the morning. The majority is carpet cleaning but there is a bath room the has linoleum. They want it cleaned and some "polish" put back on it. I figured I would put some regular pre-spray on it and scrub with a doodle bug then extract with a wand. The issue is that I don't have...
  17. RoyS

    My first high dollar rug and ...

    I am gonna pass. :( A guy I know asked if I could do a rug for him and I told him I would take a look at it. He dropped it off today before I got home. It is a nice rug but I could smell dog right off the bat. I called him up and asked if there had been a dog on it sometime and he said yes. He...
  18. RoyS

    Fuel tank kits? Jon Don?

    Does anyone know if Jon Don sells these kits. I have not called yet but thought I would look online and research it first. I am wanting to tie my machine into the van fuel tank. This will be on the 03 and new GM vans. I looked at their website and didn't see any listed. How much do they run and...
  19. RoyS

    Have you ever had a bird get in the house?

    Yeah! I did today. I was just wrapping up everything and came around the corner to go out the door and there it was. I had just came in that door. The bird was trying to get back out but couldn't and going crazy. I ran out the front door and around the house to open the door from the outside...
  20. RoyS

    Getting tired of my PowerClean not keeping heat.

    I have the PowerClean Freedom with a 23 horse kohler with heat exchangers. This unit only has 460 some hours on it. It just wont stay heated up like I want it to. It will heat up to about 240 but once I start using it the heat falls pretty fast. Even when using the power want at around 250psi it...
  21. RoyS

    Need a second opinion.

    I went to give an estimate yesterday at home that has 4200sq.ft of carpet to clean. I will start with the basement first. There is a total of 1568 sq.ft to clean and 1248 of it is in one big room. The issues are 1. when the boy was little he got ahold of his mom's Tide laundry det. and spread it...
  22. RoyS

    How would you handle this.

    I have this new customer that manages a few apartment complexes. I think this relationship is heading down the wrong road for me. May be due to the lack of communication on my part. I do have a $75 minimum to start with. I got a call from him wanting me to come clean at a two different...
  23. RoyS

    How do I treat cat urine on hardwood flooring.

    I got a call from a guy who is moving into a place that he says the previous owners cat pissed all over the hardwood floors in this house. I am not sure how to approach this. I am actually thinking about passing on it. Makes me nervous I guess since I have never come across this issue on the...
  24. RoyS

    Has anyone used the Sniper product?

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask or not. Has anyone used this disinfectant. Is this legit or a bunch of hype. I know Ken Horton is pushing it in his business. I have thinking about getting some to use at home just to test the waters. If anyone has used it then tell what your experience...
  25. RoyS

    Going to start looking for a new fresh water tank

    One of the things on my "to do list" this upcoming new year is to get out of the trailer and into a van. With that said I am also going to be looking for a new fresh water tank. I would imagine that I am limited to an over the wheel well type which is fine. Is there a tank out on the market that...