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  1. Kbron2000

    Prochem Blazer XL Pre heater Question

    Hi, I have a Prochem Blazer xl with only one Cooper Preheater (front) My question is , Can I add another Copper Preheater? O it needs to be Stainless Steel Preheater(heat exchanger??) I'm not getting any heat and I'm guessing is because I have only one pre heater. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Kbron2000

    Prochem Bear Cat Pump

    Hi. my cat doesn't go to 1000psi any more!!!! stays at 200psi,I replace it and in the beginning was kind ok but only went to about 400psi but now the pressure regulator start shaking the most I get it's 300psi and is not working as it should be . New belts too. Any advice please (I Replaced the...
  3. Kbron2000

    Prochem Bear Fuel Pump

    Hi, I need help to find a solution to my problem. First my machine was shutting down struggled idle so I thought either the fuel pump was bad or the fuel filter was clogged. So I went to buy the fuel pump and run like champ... but after my 2nd job the engine started to struggled again, so I...
  4. Kbron2000

    Temp Control Sensor Question" Prochem Bear "

    I just saw the manual and my prochem bear has Temp sensor,TempControl Well my problem : The thermostat shows heat but I know I'm not getting enough while cleaning. What of the 2 sensors do I need to replace ?
  5. Kbron2000


    My Kitty just died, and I'm not able to find it! Model 340HT from a Prochem Bear! Any idea where can I find 1?:D
  6. Kbron2000

    Red stain bleeding from an Oriental Rug (wool)

    Hi, Just went to clean one huge red stain with out any results.(Plenty of dwell time) Tried red 1 and Magic Stain and nada... Any suggestions are welcome!
  7. Kbron2000

    Rotovac 360 Stupid Question!

    I have a vacuum leak on the Carpet Head, not from the felt seal but from the edges of the cover/seal assembly( I think are from the vacuum channels) . Is that normal or I have to do some adjustments? :eek:
  8. Kbron2000

    Rotovac 360 any good???

    Hi, just bought a used rotovac 360 for $400:bigsmiley:. I'm new to this toy! so any good or bad inputs regarding this machine?? Thanks
  9. Kbron2000

    Why did you take the Spanish forum off??

    Just a question, did you get lots of complains????
  10. Kbron2000

    El trabajo de $3200 ya fue terminado pero...

    Me las vi un poco dificil, ya que la limpieza que le hacian a la alfombra era por medio del bonnet..... Ademas habia varias manchas que se les conoce como wickback. Bueno para empezar la alfombra era comercial, y tuve que darle otro rinse para que quedara ya que el bonnet deja mucho residuo en...
  11. Kbron2000

    Gracias por su ayuda, ya me deron el trabajo de $3200 Dlls :)

    I got it, Gracias por su ayuda la propuesta fue aceptada. Ahora a darle duro....
  12. Kbron2000

    Tambien tengo uno de 13400sqft .20 por sqft es mucho?

    Es en el mismo lugar que el anterior. Pero que se hagapor separado.
  13. Kbron2000

    Cuanto cobrarian por 2900sf de carpeta???

    Tengo un projecto grandecito y aun no decido cuanto cobrar :)
  14. Kbron2000


    How do I test it?? Is there any sensor I need to check?? I don't think I'm getting enough heat .... Prochem Bear