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  1. vnmineo

    Predator Engines

    What do you guys think of these engines? For the money you can't really beat it but are they reliable ? Do they last ? I just can't believe how cheap they are I can probably buy two of them for the price of one kohler .....
  2. vnmineo

    Hard wood floor

    I have a bar I take care of daily and it's all hard wood... The floor is beyond dull help what do I do!! Sand n poly isn't a option here..... Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  3. vnmineo

    EZ2545 250 Hour Review

    Well its been maybe 8 months with my EZ and I still love it as much as the day it was delivered. I know its not a ton of hours on it but by this time with my previous Tm (chemtex) I already had a bunch of problems. I haven't had one problem so far and if/when something does happen I know it wont...
  4. vnmineo

    EZ Trade In!!!

    I was talking to Nick a couple of days ago and starting Oct 1st he will be running a promotion (I dont know how long its going to last) for people to trade in there old truckmount's for credit towards any brand new EZ!! Any kind of truckmount, any shape, any size, any hours..... I figured I...
  5. vnmineo

    A great start with my EZ

    I have had my EZ now for a week and put almost 20 hours on it so far. I know its not much time but I figured I would make a new thread and update it as time goes on. First off Nick has been awesome he has called me everyday checking on how everything is going and making sure I am happy:D I dont...
  6. vnmineo


    Well today I officially ordered a new tm from Nick!:D It has been great dealing with Nick and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a new truck mount give him a call! Im so excited to be upgrading my chemtex black stallion.....
  7. vnmineo

    What do you think of this setup??
  8. vnmineo

    I need some help! please!

    I got a phone call yesterday to go price a job..... Its an office which I am not really use too.... Its all on the first floor.... Its about 3500sqft of carpet which they want hwe...... They have maybe 10 desks to be moved 4 BIG conference room type tables and a ton of chairs, but they want a...
  9. vnmineo

    Butler APO

    Anybody know what pump Butler uses in there APO? I called them yesterday to see how much a new pump is and they want $365 for it:mad: Its always something
  10. vnmineo

    Grease Exhaust Sytems

    A part of my business is cleaning grease exhaust systems..... Just would like to hear from others that do this and what they use for chems and equipment!
  11. vnmineo

    Trailer Floor

    I have a 6x12 trailer and I want to put something down on the plywood floor. Any suggestions? I want to seal the floor ... What have others used to do so?? Plus I was thinking of putting something over that.... Also I was thinking of getting my TM off the floor by putting some big washers under...