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  1. Steamin' Seaman

    Rug badger pro.

    I have s Rug Badger Pro i haven't used in years. Thought about selling it but not sure what its worth. Still has factory film on the stainless covers. Think i bought it like 2012? Belts have some wear but 90% or better of the belts is there. Ive been out of the cleaning loop for a...
  2. Steamin' Seaman

    El Diablo "love joy coupling"

    She spit it out in 2 pieces, then I put it back in place. Then she spit it out in 4+ pieces after that. I put it back together with just about a roll of electrical tape around center of coupling and finished condo. Before we started 2nd condo I knew was done before I started. If she lasted...
  3. Steamin' Seaman

    1XP Cat Pump

    Electric motor is shot in my Power Flight Black Max Porty. I was thinking of putting in a cat pump 1XP in place of the pumptec thats in it. Anyone know the price tag on the cat pump? Anyone here swap over pumps from a Black Max to the new cat pump. I have a TM but use the porty for...
  4. Steamin' Seaman

    Tile coving

    I have 13 bathrooms with Curved tile coving and toilets to get behind. What would be the best tool for this? I have Gekko wand and Turbo Hybird.
  5. Steamin' Seaman

    Sea Grass Rug

    Lady called about having hers cleaned. I have never done one and not sure about cleaning it. I figured grass that has dried and then get wet may be might make it weak. Right now I'm going to pass on it not unless someone can tell me more about cleaning them;
  6. Steamin' Seaman

    Crewel Wool Rug

    I had a call about several Crewel wool rugs, with plenty of dog urine in them. Back tag says: professional dry clean only Anyone here ever work on/with one of these rugs? Scott W ?
  7. Steamin' Seaman

    El Diablo noise reduction

    I have had a few complaints about how load the TM is. restaurant 1 night, neighbor came to complain...ended up moving van. I do a vacation INN in the springtime, owner is always complaining of the noise, likes the work though. Now I have a multi unit condo with a garage under it, garage is...
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  9. Steamin' Seaman

    Tile & Grout Island Pricing

    First, this job will have to be by Ferry transit. Line up in morning to catch ferry, 1 1/2 hour ride to an Island then after docking proceed to school which will be 5 minutes from ferry dock. Estimated Landing time around 9:30am. Most likely will have to stay on Island for the night as...
  10. Steamin' Seaman

    VCT maintenance pricing

    VCT job I did now wants maintenance for the floor. Looking for some figures as I have never done the maintenance. Will be clean and burnishing like 1 a month for 1200+ s.f., easy access 1st floor. I charged .65 for strip and wax and had very happy clients.
  11. Steamin' Seaman

    VCT nightmare?

    Just started a VCT job today, 1200+ s.f. We think we got it all stripped and after rinsing you can still some wax on areas. Some areas we reapplied stripper and hit again. Lots of the VCT is stripped down but a few areas still show wax. Cannot see it when wet . Can you apply wax over this...
  12. Steamin' Seaman

    VCT neutralizing?

    Just starting vct. I understand the stripping and vacuuming up slurry. Now does the vct NEED to be neutralized with a chem/175, or just fresh/clean water and mopped out and vacuumed up again? Going to be using BONESAW stripper. I have a fairly large room to apply finish to, so can you wax up...
  13. Steamin' Seaman

    VCT Pricing-Strip and Wax

    I have to bid on 1200+ S.F. of VCT, strip and wax. I have looked into the forum search and pricing seems to be all over the place. Place has lots of build up on edges, middle of room looks almost bare. It has been 4 years since the last time it was done. It is in Maine and not a whole bunch...
  14. Steamin' Seaman

    Need a new!

    Gotta go get a new mobile phone. All I ever had is flip phones. What should I be looking into for a purchase. Just saw Flir attachment to an Iphone 5....nice! It will be for the business and looking to maybe take credit cards, web, etc and whatever else is out there. Appreciate any input.
  15. Steamin' Seaman

    Top End Carpet Cleaners

    Did a estimate last Monday, just over 500 bucks for a good sized house. Client booked for Thursday. Claimed I came highly recommended. Tuesday he leaves message that he found a cheaper rate and is canceling. Wednesday calls back up to reschedule Thursday again, so we schedule it. Thursday we...
  16. Steamin' Seaman

    Diablo/ Kohler oil cooler

    Heads up for Kohler owners with oil coolers! I over tightened my oil filter and in doing so tightened the nipple that holds the filter mount "which connects to cooler". The oil filter mount is hard plastic/composit and is suppose to be torqued 20 foot lbs. Well, mine cracked and started spewing...
  17. Steamin' Seaman

    RX 20 Handle Bar Lock Slipping

    My RX handle bars keep slipping and changing my working height. Any fixes to this problem? Brake or lock just does not grab as good as it should.
  18. Steamin' Seaman

    Tile master and Preload 5 review

    Well, dumped em both out.... you want what is left of full containers come to my house and you are more than welcome to take them off my hands.
  19. Steamin' Seaman

    Interlink Supply Turtle deliverys

    Ordered from Interlink on June 6, it is the 12th today, still no supply's! 426 dollar order! I call and some ass says it will be here tomorrow. I was told it would be here Friday or monday of this week... WTF!!! (i did not like the ass's attitude either!) They must have mounted...
  20. Steamin' Seaman

    TM fuel Pump

    TM Ran out of gasoline today, yup van almost to E. Shut everything off and disconnected hoses and luckily store was 100 yards from the job, ran over and filled up the van. I turn on key to TM and cannot hear the fuel pump which I "USE" to hear. Tm would not start so I disconnected fuel line at...
  21. Steamin' Seaman

    El Diablo Waste Tank Gasket

    Just found the rear part of my waste tank gasket starting to come apart . Yes it is bypassing the suction through this leak. I screwed around with the gasket and was able to get it to seal but IT WILL GET WORSE . Should I call Masterblend and order new or is there a gasket I can purchase...
  22. Steamin' Seaman

    Rug Badger- Adjustments?

    I have a Rug Badger pro and noticed the front wheels have 3 mounting positions. Mine came with the front wheels mounted in the bottom most holes. If you own one how is your wheels adjusted/mounted? Just checking because there are times I think the Badger should be more aggressive. Maybe...
  23. Steamin' Seaman

    Charges For Moth Eviction?

    Client has wool rugs with moths. I know how to get rid of them, just do not know what to charge for it. Or just clean and hope they came out that way? This sounds like a gamble if you got all the moths/eggs out or not.
  24. Steamin' Seaman

    caked on grease

    Was doing some tile and grout today in a restaurant thats been closed for 2 years. The grease is caked on and dried for about 2 years. Tried 2790, Viper venom, all kinds of dwell time, 175 with brush, 1000-1200 psi, 240 degrees and still caked on places, really allot of places. I'm...
  25. Steamin' Seaman

    Stinky Vacuums

    Ever notice even if you use clean bags a vacuum can still have some odors to it. I have torn them down and washed the insides and 2 weeks later you start to catch that odor again. I use laundry crystals, suck a small handful up in the hose and the whole room becomes nice and scented.