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  1. mike


    Oops. Delete my post too ;-)
  2. mike

    First tile job

    Looks good!
  3. mike

    RX-20 for agitation

    The rx-20 is worthless. Don't bother with extra step. In fact I will do u a favor and take it off your hands. I will even pay the shipping just send it to me ;-)
  4. mike

    TMF famous

    Yes it was great to meet you. Look forward to getting to know you!
  5. mike

    What do you rug cleaners use on fringes to whiten and correct browning ?

    Masterblends fringe bleach Works great.
  6. mike

    My $100 find today.

    That a great deal! I remember when I got mine some years back I was so excited because it was only $300!! I love that fan. It's a little bulky but 10x10 rooms dry to the touch in 10-15min
  7. mike

    Having My Carpets Cleaned Today

    It will be a more entertaining story if he is ;-)
  8. mike

    Having My Carpets Cleaned Today

    Snap some pictures of them Working!
  9. mike

    Radio Advertising

    How many truck do u have running full time now?
  10. mike

    Live Supply hose Reel ??

    Oh ok I see.. Should be fine.
  11. mike

    Live Supply hose Reel ??

    It should be fine...The air hose will be really stiff and hard the muniver around walls and stuff but it will work.
  12. mike

    Worn out!

    Good for you! Beats the alternative lol.. If you ever have a big job and need some help just let me know I am in your neck of the woods.
  13. mike

    Recleaning Carpet

    Depends if you are willing to loose the account.
  14. mike

    Vacuum Montreal help

    I think she is trying to get traffic to her website.
  15. mike

    newly on my own, what cleaner is best for all around cleaning

    Lol.. I think he is on the wrong forum.
  16. mike

    Church Pews pricing

    How long do you think it will take to clean 1 pew?
  17. mike

    Largest Job ever in one day!

    Just was think who here has cleaned the most carpet on one job, in one day, solo? I have cleaned huge places but not solo. I know it's not much but for me the largest place I have cleaned solo was about 4k sq ft. What about you?
  18. mike

    Failed Heat Exchanger...Help Please

    Lol.. I think he heard you.
  19. mike

    Pricing per area..

    Does anyone use a price sheet on their website?
  20. mike

    Pricing per area..

    When u are pricing by the room do u ever have the customer complaing that its just a "little room" and you are charging $40 for it and charging him/her $80 for their living room because its 300sq ft... These are just some of the question that I think that I would face...
  21. mike

    Pricing per area..

    I'm close to u. I'm in ventura county. How do I handle it? I don't want to scare them off by ball parking but it seems that a lot of customer want a price before they want to schudle with me.
  22. mike

    Pricing per area..

    I have been cleaning carpets for a long time and have always charged by the sq ft. It has always worked great for my small city I was in but situation in my life has caused us to have to move to a much bigger, busy area and have found the charging by the sq ft is killing me. Customer want a...
  23. mike

    Math question

    Thank you all very much
  24. mike

    Math question

    Ok thanks.. Kinda thought I would just cut it in half but wasn't sure.