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    Used Truckmounts - Used Carpet Cleaning Vans - Used Carpet Cleaning Equipment A free service to connect buyers & sellers of used truck mounts & used carpet cleaning vans across USA and Canada. No fees or commissions!
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    Used truckmounts and carpet cleaning vans for sale

    Redesigned, revamped and re... well, you get the picture ;) Lots of changes on the website, super mobile-friendly. Still free! Buy and sell used truckmounts, used carpet cleaning vans, and used carpet cleaning equipment from private sellers across North America. Free to use, no fees or...
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    Truck Mounts for Sale offers a free service to connect buyers & sellers of used carpet cleaning equipment all across North America.
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    Advertising with Microsoft adCenter / Bing

    Implementation of the partnership between MS and Yahoo is coming up, right around the corner: Yahoo released an update to advertisers on Friday to announce that it will begin serving organic search results from Microsoft’s Bing search engine starting in August or September. So now is the time...
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    Hiya peoples!!

    sorry, noob here, please delete this
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    More listening than imparting knowledge...

    I will be listening and learning more than imparting knowledge, but overwhelmingly pumped up about what I can learn from you guys! Let the learning begin... Cheers all :)