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  1. Xtremeclean

    Titanium wand modification

    Hi guys I'm looking at putting the Benliegh wand pistol grip trigger on my and as I'm getting tennis elbow and sore forearm from the constant wide grip on the 2" wand. Had anyone here done similar and how have you found it? Thx Johnny Sent from my SM-N9005 using TMF Forums mobile app
  2. Xtremeclean

    What headset do you use?

    Hi Guys What wired headset to you use? I am looking for one that blocks out all the noise around me so that the person on the other line can hear me clearly. I used to have a Bluetooth Jawbone era which was fantastic, but now that I have a smart watch bluetoothed to my phone , I can only use a...
  3. Xtremeclean

    Who uses the 360i Brush head?

    Hi Guys, I have the quad jet head with my RV. I am contemplating buying the brush head. Is it worth it? Johnny
  4. Xtremeclean

    Rotovac 360i clunking

    Hi guys My rv is starting to run a little rough. Feels like motor is slipping and clunking. Is there some servicing that I need to do? Sent from my SM-N9005 using TMF Forums mobile app
  5. Xtremeclean

    Roots Blower oil

    Does anyone use any other oil apart from Roots oil for their blower. Its difficult to get it here in Australia, and i was looking for an equivalent oil.
  6. Xtremeclean

    Help with some calculations

    I'm wanting to make a mod to my chemical injector and need some help with some calculations. My chem injection ATM goes thru the pump which I am not a fan of. I am looking at having my solution hose go from the from of the machine to the wand via the chem rinse bottle. I would use a hydra force...
  7. Xtremeclean

    Coupler splitting again

    I replaced my coupler about a month ago and it has a split in it already.....what could be causing this? The engine side flange is about 1mm lower than blower side. Kunkle is set at 15 hg. Advise please Sent from my SM-N9005 using TMF Forums mobile app
  8. Xtremeclean

    Prochem Titanuim wand advice

    Hi Guys, I have just bought a second hand Titanuim wand with inconsistent jets (4 x 8001's and 2 x 9501's). I run an El Diablo truckmount. What would be the best jet size for this wand? Thx Johnny Ps I thought Rob posted something or a video a while back regarding this, but i can not find it.
  9. Xtremeclean

    Video on how to replace El Diablo Coupler

    This is how i replace my coupler, without moving my engine forward as suggested by some. Hope this helps. Johnny
  10. Xtremeclean

    Coupler replacement

    Hi guys After servicing my trucking I noticed my coupler has 2 fractures. 2 questions: I am having trouble separating the flanges. Is there a trick to doing this without moving the whole engine block as has been suggested before? Will this be OK to leave as long as the flanges are secure...
  11. Xtremeclean

    Help removing stuck 360i head

    Hi Guys, is there a way of removing a stuck head on a 360i? i have tried stomping with my heel on the vac port, using a block of wood and hammer on vac port while having a shifter on the shaft (this is just tightening the threat on the shaft). Still no success...There was a video somewhere a...
  12. Xtremeclean

    Help with removing Spray marks from Stainless steel

    I have just been notified by a customer telling me that there are prespray marks on her stainless steel oven that she cannot remove. I remember i wiped it down on the day. however obviously, not enough. Can this be rectified?
  13. Xtremeclean

    Is this the worst?

    My tech was confronted with this the other day at a rental property.....Has anyone had anything that that beat that on the " EWWW !!....WTF?" stakes?
  14. Xtremeclean

    Crazy smoke from my burner..

    Can someone tell me why this is happening? It is smoking so much that i cant clean with the burner on with how much smoke its making. The burner electrodes were changed about a month ago, with no issues. I had a look at the sight window when i pulled the trigger to see if flame would ignite. It...
  15. Xtremeclean

    El diablo burner issues

    Hi Guys, My mate is having problems with his EL D burner. He changed over the electrode assembly and all was fine for one day, but today his burner stopped working. He is at witts end. He has changed the fuel nozzle, the kerosene pump with solenoid. He is still getting spark and fuel thru the...
  16. Xtremeclean

    please help

    I need to change my flow switch but I can't seem to release the wires in the junction box. Is there a secret in how to release the wire from its clasp?. I need help asap. Thx Johnny
  17. Xtremeclean

    best way to clean this VCT

    Can someone please advise the best way to clean this. I have a 175 and a red pad. Can I just spray with any high pH cleaner and scrub?
  18. Xtremeclean

    Recycled tyre playground flooring

    Hey Guys Has anyone cleaned those soft spongy rubber flooring in fast food outlets? Questions i have are: Are they solvent sensitive? Can i pre spray, or will it all just run to the base of the flooring? Will it be an issue if the playground is indoors and has no drainage? Is it easy to...
  19. Xtremeclean

    Cat 3cp Ht seal kit

    Anyone know where the best prices are for these that will ship to Australia
  20. Xtremeclean

    Pump stopped working!!!

    Hi My pump on my El Diablo just stopped last night during a job. Waterbox had water in it, clutch was spinning. All seems to be in order. Any ideas anyone please. Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk 2
  21. Xtremeclean

    help with El Diablo generator

    Hi Guys, It seems like my generator is not supplying enough power to my burner. When i first got my machine, the burner would kick in at around 2600 rpm. Now i need to have my revs right up to 2900-3000 rpm for the burner to fire up. It is happening to another carpet cleaner here that has the...
  22. Xtremeclean

    Is it REALLY necessary to cool down TM before shutting it off?

    This may be a silly question as i am not very mechanically minded, but why is it recommended to cool down motor before we shut it off? My thinking is that we are not putting the motor in freezing conditions straight after it has shut down, so what damage can be done. I know warming up is...
  23. Xtremeclean

    Trusted Suppliers Poll

    Here is a list of online supplies. If you have done business with them, please vote accordingly . oops. how do i make adjustments to poll?
  24. Xtremeclean


    Most of you already know of how much of a schonky businessman Ken is. For the people that don't know, i highly suggest you don't buy anything from him. Reason is, he will take your money, and not deliver any product. He does not return any email or phone calls. Before some people start defending...