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  1. vnmineo

    Amtex Equipment

    I've only seen hypros on amtex truckmounts .... I hated mine on my Chem-Tex.... I'd never get another truckmount with one I'd just pull it off and replace it...
  2. vnmineo

    Amtex Equipment

    popcorn ready
  3. vnmineo

    Prowler 13hp revs

    The tach is measuring half the rpm. .... your motor sounds good I had a truck mount with a single banger Kohler .... at 2000 its really 4000 keep it 1800 or lower...... call Ben see what he says
  4. vnmineo

    Very nice board.........

    Imagine 08 was 8 years ago
  5. vnmineo

    Amtex dies again, 2x in 2 days... Buyer beware

    I hope Ben paints that's frame for you holy shit looks like it's Ben thru hell ....
  6. vnmineo

    Amtex dies again, 2x in 2 days... Buyer beware TMF SE HIGH FLOW EDITION!!!!! AKA Inferno with tmf sticker slapped on it
  7. vnmineo

    Amtex dies again, 2x in 2 days... Buyer beware
  8. vnmineo

    Carpet cleaning Classifieds,Ebay & Craigslist steals & deals thread 8 grand for a new 370
  9. vnmineo

    Butler truck mount questions

    I wouldn't use the Butler wand if it was the last wand on earth...... There pump out is nothing impressive either it's probably the weakest part of the whole setup our Butler is 10+ years old 130,000+ miles 5000 hours she's barely broken in :-) if that tells you anything
  10. vnmineo


    What kind of truckmount?
  11. vnmineo

    Buying a new Butler

    Butlers pump out isn't the best... Buy without get a differnt one
  12. vnmineo

    overhauling my van

    Get through the first season... It only gets better I would love to met the guy who wrote it he has one hell of a imagination.....
  13. vnmineo

    overhauling my van

    I'm blind and looking at this on my phone
  14. vnmineo

    overhauling my van

    What did you pay for those Omar?
  15. vnmineo

    Cleaning kerosene soaked carpet

    I just watched the whole series over again the past couple months..... There will never be another show like breaking bad again.....
  16. vnmineo

    Box truck with Blue Line thermal wave 2 vortex

    Did you end up selling that setup?
  17. vnmineo

    Amtex Dragon For Sale!!

    So what's the best truckmount nowadays? What about prespray? ;-)
  18. vnmineo

    Amtex Dragon For Sale!!

    Last time on here they were gods gift to all carpet cleaners
  19. vnmineo

    Amtex Dragon For Sale!!

    I haven't been on TMF in months what happened the he'll happened with amtexx??
  20. vnmineo

    I really want to do this

    Wrong thread
  21. vnmineo

    Lets see your ez/ tips for a soon to be ez owner

    Hey I only have two! Where are the other 4?!?!?!
  22. vnmineo

    Gorilla Truck Box

    You better for what they cost ...... If anyone has one please post pics !!!!!
  23. vnmineo

    Help floor scrubber went down

    Well I picked up the corded one for the hell of it ...... 500 bucks it's brand new it was used once ..... I used it today it was a pain in the ass in tight spaces but in wide open areas I flew with it as long as I work away from the cord..... I have to say it seems to scrub and pick up the...
  24. vnmineo

    Lets see your ez/ tips for a soon to be ez owner

    I wouldn't worry about it Vito ...... Unless you start seeing rubber shavings all over the place just let it ride..... I don't think your vac performance will be effected at all either....... Take some pics when you change it out if you can !