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  1. beau

    Looking for foggable disinfectants.

    So, been asked about mass spraying/disinfecting buildings. Every single supplier ive looked at is completely sold out of the typical commercial grade disinfectants, things like concrobium, microban and Cavicide. Impossible to find unless you want to go to Ebay at 500%+ markups and quickly...
  2. beau

    Water stain on carpet left over from flooding.

    Hey guys, so got a call from an out of town Disaster clean up company, I frequently do small carpet cleaning jobs for them(like if they drag mud into a room while fixing other stuff in the house) Got a call asking me to clean a basement area, they had a fresh water flood from a sink and they...
  3. beau

    Anyone use a Powerhead wand?

    Like the Edic or Trusted clean Powerheads. Just wondering what your thoughts were? Do they scrub decent? Thinking on nasty jobs it could be a little bit of a time saver. Also I know its not as good as a rotary, but...
  4. beau

    Waste water dumping recomendations.

    Hey guys, So today i just got off the phone with our city works, the Sani-dump ive been using for the last 4 years(As well as every other Carpet cleaner in town) had 5 feet of snow piled in front of it, so i called asking to have it moved and was informed that the city works manager has decided...
  5. beau

    Guys that work in the cold/Seasonal areas, what do you do during the winter for additional income?

    So its coming up on winter up here in Canada. For the last 4 years its always incredibly slow, once you get to that -15c and lower temps the phone basically stops ringing altogether. Our add on service this year was power washing which of course is also pretty seasonal in the area. I feel like...
  6. beau

    The nerve of some people complaining about a great sounding service! Stumbled on this today, just about spilt my coffee from laughing.
  7. beau

    Cleaning old brick

    So we have a city owned Art gallery in town taking bids for exterior cleaning. about 50 feet high(Would rent a boon) And the brick is from 1910, looks to be in fair shape, but obvious signs of strong wear. Plan to soft wash/scrub only but wondering if Brick that old has any kind of chemical...
  8. beau

    Any of you think you could handle this machine? It's listed as 200 horsepower lol.i feel like this would just suck the carpet off the floor never to be seen again.
  9. beau

    Are attachments like sand blasting kits worth buying?

    Hey guys, So now that I've gotten most of my power washing equipment up and running just wondering if I should get some of the more novelty attachments. Thinks like sand blaster attachments for power washers. Do you advertise or get requests for such services? Thanks
  10. beau

    Removing paint from concrete

    Whats your recommendations on products to remove paint from concrete flooring? Its a thrashed shop floor, some spots have paint half an inch thick, and after removing a lot of it with a pressure washer its deep too. Soaked into the concrete a good ways, to the point where the pressure washer...
  11. beau

    How would you price this?

    So with my equipment still on the way I've of course already began suggesting the service of power washing to clients. To line up some jobs for when I'm up and running. I've had my first customer who is very interested. So I've taken a few pictures to give her a quote, just wondering what kind...
  12. beau

    Powdered cleaners?

    Hey guys, So I'm looking to try and get as much of my cleaning supplies in dry form as possible( One less headache to worry about in winter up here in canada) do you have any good recommendations for powdered cleaners? Something for cement/brick and a good house siding would be awesome. I've...
  13. beau

    Good pump brands

    Hey guys, So now picking what brand of power washer I want, getting something with a Honda engine, but not sure on what pump Brands to look for/avoid. Anyone got a good list of shitty/great pumps to look For? Thanks.
  14. beau

    Cleaning rubber sidewalks?

    So as ive been looking into getting power washing services added ive stumbled on a local contractor that installs that Eco rubber over cracked/old cement driveways and walkways. Is this a direct competitor to powerwashing or could we wash it as well...
  15. beau

    Would like to try Encap out on an upcoming job.

    So A local janitorial company has gotten ahold of me for a carpet cleaning at one of the government buildings they clean. Its 10,000Sq/f of carpet. About half the actual surface is covered in a maze of office units and cabinets, I don't move anything at all, and simply clean around all...
  16. beau

    Anyone have a bare bones start up list/recomendation?

    Hey guys, So Im thinking of adding power washing to our services, we have had enough people ask about it in town that i believe at least offering the basics could be a nice little addition profit wise. Just wondering on what kind of machine/accessories you guys would recommend? I figure id get...
  17. beau

    looking for some 6.6 boosters

    Hey guys, So im looking for a couple of 6.6 vac boosters to plug into the exhaust of my current portable(it stays in the van, runs off a gen set) Currently have a clean storm with dual 6.6 vacs in parallel. would like to have a 2x2 set up. Not wanting a down hose unit as im installing a hose...
  18. beau

    Have any of you ever built a gas powered Tm like this before?

    Honestly I'm surprised at how simple this build looks(though I'm not mechanically inclined at all) Any of you guys build anything similar? How did it turn out?
  19. beau

    Anyone ever use A-i power gen sets? What gen sets do you prefer?

    Hey guys, so I mostly just run my portable from the van via gen set. Had picked up a Briggs 8750(7000running) a few years back and always sort of kicked myself for not grabbing a bigger one right off the get go. Looking for a 10,000 to 12,000 watt generator now. (I use it outside carpet...
  20. beau

    Looking to start a second van...4 hours away.

    Hey guys, So long story short my old man has taken interest in how well our carpet cleaning has done these last couple years and has suggested helping me expand the business. He runs a carpet installation company, and has a crew in town here as well as one in a city nearby(My brother and...
  21. beau

    Recommendations on cleaning up pure carbon from carpets

    Hey guys, Got a call from a local pipe fitter, guess he had been working on a natural gas fireplace and was shop vacuuming out a section before he started working on it, only the shop vacs filter tore and ended up shooting out a ton of carbon build up out the back end onto the clients carpets...
  22. beau

    Looking to get into crime scene clean up.

    So while dealing with the police(Another issue about a neighbor) they asked since my company had the word "bio" in it if i did Trauma clean up, as no one in the area currently does so, and they end up bringing in guys from 3 hours away. Of course this got me thinking that I should actually...
  23. beau

    Oil stains in Wool carpets.

    Hey guys, have a question on your recommendations for the best product to use here. Customer has Wall to wall wool carpets, previous cleaner cleaned them and moved the cherry-oil stained wooden furniture(Table chairs) back onto the wet carpets without putting any tabs, The stain from the wood...
  24. beau

    What do you charge for office chairs?

    Hey guys, just wondering what everyone's ballpark ranges for office chairs are? Got asked for a quote to clean 60 of them. Not sure what i should price it out at in all honesty, any idea's? Red in color, simple design,(Clothe on the back as well)
  25. beau

    Customer called claiming he had wickback/stains reappear.....6 months later.

    Title says it all really. Missed a call today and checked my message was a customer claiming everything came back on their carpet. I had to check our records with his number to figure out who it was and it was a job from 6 months back. Fairly standard job but they had carpet in the dining area...