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  1. Swani21

    What TMF members would you bring back?

    Who were the best TMF members? Which ones would you bring back to make this place great again?
  2. Swani21


    I have wood floor in a gymnasium to clean. It's a nonprofit group in my community that took over our old school and made it into this wonderful community art center. I went and looked at the floors today and they are in decent shape. They've been cleaned for years with the same enzyme non-slip...
  3. Swani21

    Polyester Dyeing

    I've been hearing that Chris Howell is going to be coming out with a polyester dye that will be able to do whole rooms. I don't know a lot about dying, but this sounds pretty awesome if it's true.
  4. Swani21

    Odorcide sample came!

    I hope this stuff works as good as it smells! Anyone used this yet?
  5. Swani21

    How aggressive can i get on these chairs?

    I've got some upholstery coming up that I need to clean. The chairs are rather soiled with organic spots. The owner has cleaned them in the past with Dawn dish soap. Most of my upholstery I use Avenge from Bridgepoint but I think I'm going to have to use something a little more aggressive for...
  6. Swani21

    Mytee CRB

    Has anyone used the new CRB from Mytee?
  7. Swani21

    Freshwater hose

    Can I use 3/8" air hose for my freshwater hose or do I need 1/2"?
  8. Swani21

    Can't add pictures from phone.

    @admin I am not able to load pictures from my phone. It says file to large. I'm using a Galaxy S9 plus.
  9. Swani21

    Carpet wick back

    I cleaned this carpet the other day and when I returned to pick up my fans I noticed the carpet wicked back something terrible. I cleaned with my rotovac 360xl and even post bonneted with encapuguard green. The carpet had been pretty neglected and rarely vacuumed. I think they may have used a...
  10. Swani21

    What are your go to products for slate?

    I've got a few jobs coming up with some slate. I was wondering what everyone is using to clean and seal with?
  11. Swani21

    TMF Academy

    @rob allen @admin I'm thinking of purchasing my 3rd class from you because of the chemical bonus. How long are our previous classes good for and how much is it to renew them?
  12. Swani21

    What was the best advice or hack you learned in 2017?

    Lots of great advice put out on the forums in 2017. What was the best thing you learned? I would have to say for me personally it would be @Todd the Cleaner advice for using acid like Fab Set in the hydroforce for pet stains. Here is a screen shot of that post: And @wandwizard post on bucket...
  13. Swani21

    TMF SDS Sheets

    In the past I've gone without SDS sheets but as my business grows I'm trying to be totally legit and I've been trying to get SDS sheets for my TMF products but they don't all show up on the products page. I emailed support on Nov. 19 and asked for them and was told they would be updating the...
  14. Swani21

    Bio Pro10k sample

    @rob allen @admin thanks for another great sample! Can you give me the run down on best carpets to use this on?
  15. Swani21

    Damn nice sample pack!

    Thanks TMF!
  16. Swani21

    Disinfecting laminate

    I need to clean some laminate that has had some mice make a mess on it. I usually clean laminate with hydroforce wood fresh but on these particular floors I would like to disinfect by spinning my 175 over then clean with hydroforce with my lindhaus. So my question is what would you use to disinfect?
  17. Swani21

    Pro Safe on laminate

    @rob allen would spinning Pro Safe on a hard surface such as laminate be recommend?
  18. Swani21

    Alkaline rinse

    I see TMF is going to sell an alkaline rinse. I've always used Flex Ice or End Zone for a rinse and post bonnet with encapuguard green. So my question is, is if I could use an alkaline rinse to get a little more cleaning power on the nasties and post bonnet with encapuguard green to neutralize...
  19. Swani21

    Cleaning CGD with Rotovac 360xl

    What PSI do you clean CGD with your 360xl?
  20. Swani21

    Anyone ever clean anything like this before?

    These pictures were sent to me by a business and asked if we could clean. It's a combination of brick and wood. I was thinking of using my 175 and the hydroforce wood care products @Scott W @SAA but if anyone else has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!
  21. Swani21

    Truck mount running rough in divert mode.

    My boxxer 427 is running real rough when it's in divert mode (non heating). Also the diverter air valve cylinder that pushes the diverter into heat mode can not push the diverter arm that runs the flapper inside the diverter over into heat mode. It seems that there is a incredible amount of...
  22. Swani21

    Moving furniture on hardwood

    What's the best way to move furniture around on hardwood so it can be cleaned?
  23. Swani21

    Citrus Phire + Rotovac 360xl = Success!

    Thanks again @Mama Fen
  24. Swani21

    Cleaning engineered hardwood

    A customer called and asked if I would clean some engineered hardwood that has been heavily soiled with both fecal and urine from pets.I have a 175 and hydroforce wood care products. I would like to hear how people with a similar situation, bid and cleaned these floors.
  25. Swani21

    Cleaned with Citrus Phire today from Mama Fen!

    @Mama Fen I'm loving me some Citrus Phire on smart strand! It totally kicked ass! I hope it continues to Impress!