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  1. LeeRoy

    TM regulator psi rises after setting. Anyone have any ideas on fix?

    I set my psi to 400 psi. It then rises up until trigger is pulled, going back down to 400 psi. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. LeeRoy

    It's hard to visit this forum anymore with all the advertisements.

    Just had to put it out there. Have a great night.
  3. LeeRoy

    Rest in peace Eric the Actor

    Eric the Actor passed away last week. He will be missed, rest in peace..
  4. LeeRoy

    Anyone selling a CRB?

    I'm in Arizona, looking for one with the debris catchers for a fair price.
  5. LeeRoy

    Big shout out to Mike Camacho on Bentley upgrade.

    Mike posted a modification to his Bentley wand a while back. I took his advise and can't believe how much nicer the wand cleans. Search his past posts and you'll see what he did. I think it was less than $15. In parts at Home Depot.. Thanks again Mike for sharing that. Lee
  6. LeeRoy

    Need to get SX-15 from NC to AZ. UPS wants $350.

    Hey guys, I need help. I'm buying a SX-15 from John in North Carolina and trying to get it shipped to Arizona. Problem is UPS is wanting $350 to ship it. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated. $350 seems way to high. Thanks, Lee
  7. LeeRoy

    Looking for a tile spinner in Phoenix area.

    I have a tile wand, but wanting to step up to a spinner. Anyone in the Phoenix area looking to sell one, I'm interested. Lee
  8. LeeRoy

    A must see movie!

    Lone Survivor. I walked out of the movie thinking about all the important things in my life, how fortunate I am and what a great country the United States of America is. Lee
  9. LeeRoy

    Waste tank gasket needs replaced.

    I have a standard rectangle waste tank that I want to replace the lid gasket. What have you used or recommend. Thanks.
  10. LeeRoy

    Anyone looking to sell a CRB?

    I'm in the market for a CRB and wanting to buy soon. I've checked with interlink here in Arizona and I thought they were asking too much for a brush pro. I'm not to concerned about brand as I am about price. If anyone has one or has any connections, I'd appreciate any help. Thanks everyone...
  11. LeeRoy

    Thermostat issues.

    I have a Chemtex 20 hp TM with a prodigy adjustable thermostat that recently stopped keeping tempature at desired heat (heat is rising). The thermostat is fairly new, but when I pulled the probe out, it appeared rusty. Will cleaning it with CLR fix issue? Or is there something else I could...
  12. LeeRoy

    Best product to clean a spray in bed liner?

    Hello all, I'm looking for a product that will clean the spray in liner inside a van or truck. Take care and have a great day.
  13. LeeRoy

    Devastator filter/ great product.

    Just wanted to post how impressed I am with the Devastator filter I purchased from Tom. After placing my order on line, Tom called me the same day verifying order and specifications I requested. The filter arrived within 6 days with no issues. The filter is very well built and I'm pretty sure...
  14. LeeRoy

    Cleaning News My kindle Fire is not letting me respond to posts. Help!

    I am able to view the website, but I can't respond to anything. Thanks for any help. Lee
  15. LeeRoy

    Priming TM injection system.

    Everytime I rinse out my 5 gallon jug and then refill, it takes forever to prime. I'm following the instructions given by maker, but seems like shaking the hoses to remove the air bubbles is just taking to long. If anyone has any tips, it would be much appreciated.