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  1. Steamin' Seaman

    Rug badger pro.

    I have s Rug Badger Pro i haven't used in years. Thought about selling it but not sure what its worth. Still has factory film on the stainless covers. Think i bought it like 2012? Belts have some wear but 90% or better of the belts is there. Ive been out of the cleaning loop for a...
  2. Steamin' Seaman

    Mytee® High Speed Floor Burnisher Auction!

    Talked to Mytee. They no longer make the machine. They have no parts for it. Found a repair shop 1 1/2 hours away that does repair rotarys and floor equipment. Waiting to here from them now to see if they can access parts to said motor.
  3. Steamin' Seaman

    Mytee® High Speed Floor Burnisher Auction!

    I bypassed breaker and switch on handle with no results. There is another little box on top of the motor under the cover. That is the only place I could say that the problem exists? I'm no wizard when it comes to electric stuff. Cords and all are fine. Not a mark on them. It's only...
  4. Steamin' Seaman

    Mytee® High Speed Floor Burnisher Auction!

    It is a Mytee. The square box you replaced. Where is it located?
  5. Steamin' Seaman

    Mytee® High Speed Floor Burnisher Auction!

    Looks new inside. Everything. Even inside motor, all new looking. No signs of heat in the wires or switches. Bypassed breaker on the handles... nada! Bypassed switch in the handle...nada! There is one more switch inside motor casing, on top of motor. That I don't know about.
  6. Steamin' Seaman

    Mytee® High Speed Floor Burnisher Auction!

    No local supply places around here. Have to travel 3 hours and they don't deal Mytee
  7. Steamin' Seaman

    Mytee® High Speed Floor Burnisher Auction!

    Well I don't really do vct. So the burnisher has barely been used. I used it today and it DIED. All it does is trip breakers. I have maybe a total of 3-4 hours of use on it. Never even wore a pad out with it. Where can you/who repairs this stuff?
  8. Steamin' Seaman

    Yellow Urine Stain on Wool

    Do tell!!! I've seen them lighten up some but never complete removal.
  9. Steamin' Seaman

    Are some of you seriously running 2 jet wands with your TM?

    So what wand is the better one this day and age . Looking to go to a 2" tube, and maybe bigger than 12" wide head.
  10. Steamin' Seaman

    Hands-on Rug Cleaning Class

    I turned down a creel rug. Full of dog pee and all off white with very dark reds green blue flower stitching looking flowers . Of most rugs I clean and color test I had an idea those flowers were going to bled. Urine smell is strong in them. I walked.
  11. Steamin' Seaman

    El Diablo "love joy coupling"

    If your hearing noises in that winco then you better think about fixing it before it becomes to bad. If it locks the entire bearing then the bearing can spin in the housing cover and show is over at that point. I got lucky and housing cover was not damaged. Take belt off and spin...
  12. Steamin' Seaman

    El Diablo "love joy coupling"

    It's a Napa 6203-2RSJ The most difficult was the brush contacts. It was tricky getting the brushes back onto the armature. Might be easier just to take them out and put brushes back When unit is back together. Check bearing holder... If bearing spun in that then I think the rebuilds...
  13. Steamin' Seaman

    El Diablo "love joy coupling"

    Your right, they do carry them. I tried all local stuff and nada. Disty said it would take 4 days to get it from master blend... Cleaning season here is good for about 8-9!months and just starting to book up.. I need parts now, not next week. Try getting a generator for a...
  14. Steamin' Seaman

    El Diablo "love joy coupling"

    Graingers is 90 miles 1 way. Midcoast Maine to Portland Me. I botched it. I replaced belts And had to take it off to put new belts on. I'd say I didn't tighten the set screws enough . Couplet backed off a little and spit it out . I asked to order an extra a few years back and...
  15. Steamin' Seaman

    Do Womens..RULE your WORLD?

    I've been through hell with mine.... Sitting on a divorce filing right now. I can definitely live without the crap she has pulled.
  16. Steamin' Seaman

    Man, this place is dead...

    It's the facebook thing here that keeps me from hanging around TMF. Lots of old friends and family there I haven't talked to in years.
  17. Steamin' Seaman

    Well It's SUNDAY! Lets talk abou TOOTH ACHES!

    Slam down a perk 30 and enjoy the tooth ache !!!
  18. Steamin' Seaman

    El Diablo "love joy coupling"

    She spit it out in 2 pieces, then I put it back in place. Then she spit it out in 4+ pieces after that. I put it back together with just about a roll of electrical tape around center of coupling and finished condo. Before we started 2nd condo I knew was done before I started. If she lasted...
  19. Steamin' Seaman

    Rug cleaning gone wrong

    I never clean a rug without testing first. 1 piece of fiber and s lighter and you will know what you are working on and proceed with appropriate cleaning agents. I switched to interlink for suppliers because they had a better line up of wool agents.
  20. Steamin' Seaman

    Inspecting EI Diablo - What to look for?

    No problems with mine, other than generator bearings went... Belt was to small from factory. Bearings are sold at most automotive stores, had mine running same day it seized. Pump cannot run for long time without incoming water... Ruins high pressure seals... Learned the hard way.... 200$...
  21. Steamin' Seaman

    D'Limolene Anyone?

    Is t D'limolene cancer causing?
  22. Steamin' Seaman

    Considering joining the industry

    Go work for another company. Or ride alongs. Other company is you get paid while you earn. 2nd. Just start off on the side till you get biz built up. It takes awhile to gain clients so don't put all your eggs in that carpet cleaning basket till you know things can support you and the...
  23. Steamin' Seaman

    Vomit in the back of a Mercedes

    Olefin is plastic. Sharpies write on plastic
  24. Steamin' Seaman

    Vomit in the back of a Mercedes

    Get a permanent marker to match and recolor it.. You get the right color you'll never see it. [emoji849]