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    Free marketing E-Book

    Did you get your e-book yet? If you would like you can email me at john.[email protected] and I would be glad to get it for you.
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    Free marketing E-Book

    Johntalley, Did you need a copy?
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    Free marketing E-Book

    Just email [email protected] and they can send it to you, then you can redistribute it to the members.
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    Johnny O

    I just wanted to introduce myself- I am JOHNNY O and I have been in the industry for 19 years! You know what is funny? This industry is like the MAFIA, once you get in you can't get out! But this business is constantly changing and that is why this industry is so much fun! I do TES seminars...
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    Seattle area distributors?

    Interlink Supply of Seattle I think Interlink Supply of Seattle is having a grand opening on August 28th and George Cazares is the new manager, you can reach him at 866-320-8244.
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    Free marketing E-Book

    I just got done reading a "free" e-book on restoration marketing and it has some really good suggestions in it that you might use in your own business. If you would like a free copy please email me and let me know you would like the E-Book "How to make more money in Restoration!" provided...
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    Drying wood floors with TES or ETES

    INTRODUCTION: One of the best ways to dry wood floors is to implement the "Reet's Evaporation Method" utilizing tes or e-tes. And the best accessory for floor drying with tes or e-tes is the mats systems for floor drying such as Injectidry's Floor Drying Package or Dri-eaz's Dri-Force and...
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    Special event at the Connections Convention in Las Vegas

    TES Drying system is having a half day event in conjunction with the Connections Convention in Las Vegas, NV on September 24th. This seminar will be "jam-packed" with marketing techniques, advertising materials and technical information for water restoration contractors using TES and E-TES for...