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  1. Jose Holguin

    Chinese Quartz

    I desperately need some help putting a bid together to maintain 8k sqft of brand new Chinese quartz at a hotel. Anyone know anything about it? @Pinosan
  2. Jose Holguin

    Water Softener Maintenance

    There has been so much talk about the importance of water softeners from our resident chemist Tom that I decided it was time to service my own tank. In 4 years of owning my set up I've never recharged my tank so I doubt it was working properly at this point. I went to and...
  3. Jose Holguin

    Welcome to Colorado!

    Welcome to Colorado, patron state of weed, Subarus, cheddar cheese Pringles, liberals and shotguns... I guess... Are you confused yet, political junkies?
  4. Jose Holguin

    Prochem Quad Wand and Stair Wand For Sale

    Selling my Prochem Quad wand with a used lip glide and a brand new slotted greenglide($150 value), SS jets and jet extenders. Also have a long Prochem stair wand, would like to sell together. Will sell both for $550. Buyer pays shipping. Will also trade for: - A newish TH-40 - Newer 17" 175 -...
  5. Jose Holguin

    Annual EDDM Campaign Tracking Report

    I'm gonna start my EDDM Campaigns in March and needed a way to track my results efficiently so I've been working on a spreadsheet, with the help of @rolandal, I finished it today so here it is.
  6. Jose Holguin

    Michael Bloomberg Considering Presidential Bid

    Former New York City Major considering running for president. That guy gets himself in the running, I make sure to get my ass and all of my families ass to the ballot drop off. Apparently, he is absolutely disgusted about the current candidates in the running, "an outrage and an insult to the...
  7. Jose Holguin

    Monthly Fixed Expenses Report for Dummies

    Do you know the monthly fixed cost to running your business? This is a simple formulated spreadsheet report for those who are just getting started and don't look at their Quickbooks reports much, assuming you are using accounting software. I like looking at this one more anyways because it...
  8. Jose Holguin

    What are some of the best Cobb cleaning chemicals?

    Placing an order and wanna try their best stuff.
  9. Jose Holguin

    Video is the Future!

    Are you guys actively posting videos on Youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms? Here's one I posted today. Let me know what you guys think.
  10. Jose Holguin

    What do you drive?

    I'm getting ready to buy a 3-5 year old personal vehicle in the next few months and just don't know what I want, I don't like anything in my price range. I want a 2010-12 Sierra/Silverado 2500HD but I can't afford it! I have to have an AWD of course, so what do you drive?
  11. Jose Holguin

    Is anyone getting work from

    Anybody know anything about I never signed up with them and all of the sudden they start sending me "leads", I've sent 3 estimates so far, no answer yet...
  12. Jose Holguin

    Last day of the ski season, First day of money making season!

    Money making season is officially here! At least I hope so... I shot this video yesterday, last day of the ski season, hilarious costumes. I really wanted to get a shot of the cute bikini girls in the mountains but it was too cold yesterday so there wasn't any, maybe next year...
  13. Jose Holguin

    America's Favorite Pastime is Back!

    We have to have a baseball thread on TMF since I have to put up with all the crappy NFL and UFC threads all year long. Who follows baseball here? I'm a rockies fan, really excited at the start of the season, 3-0 in a convincing fashion, already breaking hitting records and all, could well be...
  14. Jose Holguin

    Anyone using the Mytee countertop tile spinner?

    Anybody using the Mytee countertop tile spinner? Any reviews? Found only two short threads on this, @AdmiralClean have you kept using yours?
  15. Jose Holguin

    Facebook Local Awareness Campaign

    I'll be running a Facebook local awareness campaign all year starting in a few weeks. I'm gonna be putting a 20 mile radius around my town, estimated reach 27,000. I'm able to upload 6 different ads and just rotate them to target different services. Here's the target ad list I'm planning on: -...
  16. Jose Holguin

    Workforce Solutions LLC

    The most thorough carpet, tile & grout and upholstery cleaning service in the Vail Valley. Also offering janitorial and water restoration services. Our full service cleaning company offers: Carpet Cleaning Tile & Grout Cleaning Natural Stone Restoration Upholstery Cleaning Pet Urine & Odors...
  17. Jose Holguin

    Hardwood Cleaning Price Check

    I have a client who has two carpeted Chinese/sushi bar restaurants in the area, he just opened a third one that has hardwood floors, he wants me to clean and apply finish as they are starting to look bad. This will be my very first hardwood cleaning job. I plan to vacuum, scrub with maroon pad...
  18. Jose Holguin

    Any reviews on the new brush or squeegee gekko heads?

    Has anybody been using the new 14" Hydroforce brush or squeegee Gekko heads? How are they? How do they compare to the spinners? I'm looking to buy one. If anybody has a used sx-12 for sale, I'd be interested also.
  19. Jose Holguin

    SpaceX Falcon Launch

    Been waiting for the launch since Sunday, I really wanna watch it live. Has been postponed for the last couple days but today might be the day. They'll be attempting to land the first stage in a landing pad in the Atlantic for the second time, first was unsuccessful. We might be witnessing...
  20. Jose Holguin

    How do I replace the water feed elbow on a Cimex?

    So I'm ready to start encapping an apartment complex with my Cimex tomorrow, I just got my order from Excellent Supply and need to replace the broken plastic water feed elbow with a new brass one. I don't think I can do it from underneath, there's not enough space to get in there. What's the...
  21. Jose Holguin

    Appointment Reminder Email

    Working on getting a good residential system going for spring and was wondering if anybody was willing to share a template for service appointment email reminders, never seen one so I don't really know where to start. @Spazznout I know you use one, could you share it with us or pm me a template...
  22. Jose Holguin

    Got Pens?

    Got my pens today, getting ready for some spring door to door commercial. Anybody else hands out pens? What's your experience with them?
  23. Jose Holguin

    Does anybody else have as many part time employees?

    12 part time employees for 2014! Have to keep using different guys to help because I don't have enough work to hire them full time, it's stressful to say the least. Really hope I can pick up a few more accounts this year so I can hire somebody full time. This is not indicative of much money I...
  24. Jose Holguin

    Interesting info from Google Trends.

    I've been exploring Google Trends today and this was very interesting to me so I wanted to share with you guys. The interest for the search query "carpet cleaning" on Google has been steadily increasing since 2004, July 2012 had the most interest since 2004. 2014 was a down year peaking at 84%...
  25. Jose Holguin

    Anybody here ever tried Cryotherapy?

    This type of therapy is exploding all over the country, replacing ice baths for professional athletes and regular consumers everywhere. The area where I live doesn't have one yet and I'm sensing a HUGE opportunity!