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    My new box truck & promo plan

    Hey Rob did you name your new biz yet? I was thinking, “King’s Ransom”? Or “Platinum Wands”? Though honestly $100/room doesn’t seem high enough. Maybe just do a $1,000 minimum on each job.
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    New (used) extractor

    Yes, I expect it would be slow. Didn’t buy it to “clean” in a strict sense, bought it to rinse. And then, only in case someone needs to flush an area or really wants HWE of a pre spray I already scrubbed in. My 60 psi 3 gallon spotter works perfectly fine for extracting soda, coffee, pee and the...
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    New (used) extractor

    Pretty sure the unit runs on 15a today but I don’t have an ammeter. I can try it with all on sometime this week to see if it blows a breaker but it ran on what I believe was a 15 a circuit yesterday in a 200 year old spring house that had added electric. Guy who owned it is a pretty wealthy guy...
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    New addition, used 175

    Arrived yesterday with bonnets and pads, though I don’t think the encap and spotter chems came yet. I need to play with the machine before I take it to a customers anyway.
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    New (used) extractor

    Picked up a used Mytee Contractors special extractor the other day for $200, came with wand, I believe 15’ hose. Not sure if its CS2000 model or CS2001 because the manual show the CS2000 with single vac no heat and the CS2001 with single vac and heat. The actual machine has dual vacs on seperate...
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    New addition, used 175

    Thanks everyone. I called John at Bonnet Pro today and ordered the multi brush/pad/bonnet system and a few chems. I appreciate everyone’s ideas and suggestions.
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    Free work?

    I have done free items, such as cleaning area rugs at nomcharge during paid wall to wall carpet cleaning, but so far no totally free jobs. Of course I’m only now re engaging in the business after an 11 year gap so my pricing is still under review. Because I am also involved in ministry I am...
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    WYSIWYG Web Site Builder

    Some years (and 3 computers back) I ordered a download of a windows based WYSIWYG web site creator but I can’t recall the vendor or name. I do recall it was 100% intuitive like a word processor, you could mock up the site totally from within the program and test it before publishing, and only do...
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    Thank you, I sent an e-mail.

    Thank you, I sent an e-mail.
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    New addition, used 175

    So on the Bonnet Pro page I see something called the multi brush system which includes a combo pad/bonnet driver, clutch, risers and 5 bonnets and 5 pads if I’m reading it right. But I don’t see a place to specify the diameter. Is it one size for all rotaries, or should I be seeking 19” to fit...
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    New addition, used 175

    Thanks Ken. There is a concrete brush that came with the machine which has a riser attached so I’ll assume its needed to use 19” carpet accessories. As far as a carpet brush, vs only getting a pad driver, what do people think? Are both needed for scrubbing/encap on commercial carpet or is the...
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    Equipment deduction

    Glad thats still how it works. My last business write off was back in 2005 so I was fuzzy on the detail.
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    New addition, used 175

    So I purchased a well used Kent 17” HD 175 rotary from a guy getting out of the floor refinishing business, $250, seems reasonable. I’m hoping to get some work in small commercial accounts using encapsulation with this machine and to add a basic extractor soon. I’m not sure I’ll have the best of...
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    Is there a way to change one’s handle on the forum? When I first joined 11 years ago it I wanted...

    Is there a way to change one’s handle on the forum? When I first joined 11 years ago it I wanted to incorporate ties to some things that Imthoughtndefined me. Now I’m thinking go under my name or perhaps business name.
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    Equipment deduction

    In the past you could just write it off, I believe it was under section 179. But tax laws are complex, either wade through a bunch of publications yourself or get an accountant. Might depend on how your business is organized (LLC, C Corp, Proprietorship) and cost of equipment vs business...
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    Who decides which method? You or Customer?

    Nominally I would say you decide but that depends upon how badly you want the job. In any service event some customers invariably try to control the process. I normally would educate them on the pro’s and con’s of what I believe are the viable options. Involving them in the final decision makes...