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  1. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    Glad Pads

    Got glad pads to try out on my orbot. What side do you use looks to be one-sided?
  2. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    VLM with CRB now part of process

    So I tried my new CRB from TMF I got and added to the VLM process. Machine is very easy to use and maneuver. I posted a video of how easily my daughter (4yr old) can move it around. This was a good test from my back storage room that has been left unattended as far as cleaning for over a year...
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    Is keeping the Cimex with my 175 in shed OK? Or should I bring it in? During winter lows here get about 32 degrees but sometimes can get down to 15 in extreme weather and 25-28 when low. Looks like a tank but rather ask then take chances....
  4. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    Got my CRB from TMF

    Got my CRB last night. Wow, I have never used one but read great things about it. I is easier than a vacuum but the agitation and digging is something else. Has weight yet compact vs. 175 Fits in my mini cargo van as it disconnects from handle easy vs. 175 which I only take when I know I need...
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    Is this a good deal for a new Cimex?

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    So as I venture into adding VLM how do you load unload your Rotary, Orbot, Trinity, Cimex? I have been looking at ramps at Harbor Freight... Here are a few I like so far:
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    Encap confession....

    I have been learning encap and loading on the correct equipment and practicing. I did my stairs 2 wks ago and wow, they still look clean and vibrant. What is in this stuff? Even when I RV these they did not last this long looking like I cleaned them yesterday. Its like the dirt doesnt stick as...
  8. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    Orbot and Omega Challenge

    I am new and have let this carpet go on purpose and being lazy.... I know I know. I have very bad water leaking through my washer(dirty water at that). So I decided to try my orbot with omega. Though not perfect and dont blame the machine or chems, I was happy with the out come as this has been...
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    Orbot "like new" Is this a deal?

    Its 2k, I can get it for less $1500 with warranty...
  10. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    VLM yes going to the dark side!!!

    Well not completely but am adding it to my arsenal. If I did this on my own I would have quit day one but thanks to people like @Ryankettering, @Paul Brown and others I feel I cut the learning curve some. Even my Wife was happy with the results of yesterdays fam rm, man cave, and hallway clean...
  11. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    My Daughter and her sword!

    My Wife got her this sword, so she loves screaming hayyyaaa and watching you go down. Of course its fun, priceless and tiring but well worth it. As a carpet cleaner you have to make sure the carpet smells clean! lol Specially after my VLM practices, which are getting good... cant wait to try it...
  12. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    Certified Pile Lifter - worth it? make sense?

    Anyone use this? Looks like a beast for prevacuum and agitation all in one shot but looks like you cant do wet agitation I'm sure.
  13. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    showerfeed on machines

    Have any of you guys ever put a ball valve or something to slow down the shower feed so it will not over wet and last longer? I was thinking of making the hose smaller and the opening barb smaller to get a more even shower feed seems like the Cimex last much longer than the usual rotaries Any...
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    My rotary is a 175/300 and weighs about 80-90 lbs. I can add 15lbs if needed. I see some machines are a 100lbs and can be added up to 50lbs more. Is it worth it? Is that much pressure really necessary?
  15. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    4 to the door or at least half ways...

    Not sure if it is worth it. I believe so but cant say for sure. Being in a tight fit van already to capacity... but to b e honest with you part of getting a 25/45 was to take advantage of this when buying. The more I look at the plumbing the more I realize if I limit it at the 2in connection...
  16. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    Calling all VLM experts.... grade, advise, opinion

    Please look over any input is welcomed. Ask any questions I did notice it mats down the carpet more, where my OP scubs it not really needing the brushing. The 175 is much quieter than the Oreck Low Boy that is for sure. Used Sorround Ultra 5 oz pleasent scent. On par so far to DS2 but not...
  17. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    Cimex (Does this look like a good deal)

    Is this too much? Does it look like a good deal? Should I wait for a better opportunity? link not valid
  18. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    2.5 or 2in double hose short run? worth it or not?

    I have a 25/45 with 2 vac outlets. Currently I use one with a mini devestator with 8ft hose in between. I am very limited with space in a mini cargo van. Would adding another 8ft to make it double to the filter with a Y help at all? Or would a 20ft 2.5 hose to filter make more sense? Filter...
  19. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    New Tile Video (please post opinion)

    I plan to use this video for up selling please let me know what you think.
  20. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    Any one in the LA area?

    One of my customers wants duct cleaning, anyone in the LA area I can recommend?
  21. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    TM almost done! EZ 25/45 Should be here next week!

    Cant wait for this bad boy, looks like its just about done! Just waiting for Nick to give it a good QC test. Here are some pics Nick sent as he keeps you informed... Isn't she a beauty Arghhhh! Arghhhh! Arghhhh!
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    7 yrs exp vs. 1 yr experience - Guess who won?

    I recently hired a guy here who worked for a well established competitor for 7 yrs. After talking with him and the basic training he has, I believe he has met a new level of cleaning. He used to run his own van with a big blue wave TM and knocked out many homes a day. After one week with me he...
  23. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    New Rotovac 15in Glide head REREVIEW!

    After having horrible results with the first glides, Rotovac was quick to replace the glide shoes. I have been hesitant to try them due to my last experience after getting a call from RV to follow up I decided to put it on the floor. This was the first time I've used it and these are before...
  24. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    Finally decided on a TM... EZ TM it is! 25/45

    Due to the mini cargo van I have I found myself limited to the TM weight that would work for me and the amount of water I could handle. In order to be under 600lbs for machine and 1000lbs for water (worst case scenario) I would only be able to go for a 33 blower and few with a waste tank with...
  25. powerwashcarpetcleaning

    New Rotovac 15in glide head warning!!! Junk

    I knew it wouldn't be as good as the Trex, but sure was interested in speeding up my cleaning. I also knew it probably wouldn't do well on nasties but I was willing to try it to improve as I am always chasing improvement. On a good note is it a good idea. Yes, after trying it for about 12...