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  1. Kyle8

    bio break

    I havent had any issues with biobreak really
  2. Kyle8

    Featured Official 2019 Experience trade show pics & vids

    The party was way fun man. Lots of great beer at beer park, had a hard time picking one. Was cool when courtney lee showed up and we all just drank beer and chilled.
  3. Kyle8

    My 2019 Vegas Exp Trade Show review

    Was a great time Rob thanks for the fun times at the TMF party. You guys are all so cool man. Wish i could work with family like you guys are able to. Your brothers are very cool too and you can tell you all love carpet cleaning and want to help other cleaners.
  4. Kyle8

    Should we bring back the IPS Sprayer with the newer V8?

    Im actually going to try and use my ips more. I get so used to just using the hydro force injection sprayer. But it is nice not having to run the machine especially when you crb.
  5. Kyle8

    Should we bring back the IPS Sprayer with the newer V8?

    I have 2 ips sprayers and dont use them much because the batteries are always dead. I really like them and they work great. I actaully took mine apart and added the chemical reaistant seals and was amazed how easy is was to take apart. I think they should make one with an option to plug in if...
  6. Kyle8

    Anyone use the workhorse vacuum?

    I have been looking into the worl horse vacuum. Does anyone recommend another brand that is similar and bagless. I want somthing super simple and easy to work on and clean.
  7. Kyle8

    Dirt Dragon for sale

    Do you still have the machine
  8. Kyle8

    Carpets, are you dirty?

    That's funny love the last part about grooming
  9. Kyle8

    RX 20 pad and bonnet driver

    Would you consider selling it man
  10. Kyle8

    Amtex Equipment Rebuilds

    My ones buddy's machine is running really good now he just got down doing a big big job. Like 10 to 12 hour days for 4 days straight
  11. Kyle8

    Amtex Equipment Rebuilds

    I'm not sure what's going on but I know 3 people that have had to get there heat exchangers either welded or a new one. All machine have super low hours.
  12. Kyle8

    Selling my stuff/parts.

    What chems do you have I live in Ogden Utah
  13. Kyle8

    Amtex Equipment Rebuilds

    Yes sir unfortunately:(
  14. Kyle8

    Amtex Equipment Rebuilds

    He is going to for sure man. I'm sure it will be covered. Is what I would do would buy the engine install it myself than send the old engine back to get money back. Seem like most places are a couple weeks out
  15. Kyle8

    Amtex Equipment Rebuilds

    But you are right Kohler engine issue for sure. My chemtex is going on 700 hours. Without a single issue all summer knock on wood lol
  16. Kyle8

    Amtex Equipment Rebuilds

    I would think so he has another prowler with alot of hour on it. Somtimes I feel like they are just to hot, I feel like heat can kill a tm fast. His older amtex i think didnt have a demi valve. Maybe the demi valve gets stuck closed over heating the system. I wonder if they have a 160 degree...
  17. Kyle8

    Amtex Equipment Rebuilds

    Figure I would report another friend of mine is having major issues with his machine prowler 14. His engine piston went out at 250 hours. I thought they would have lasted longer honestly. And he has had a to weld his heat exchanger.
  18. Kyle8

    Suction comes and goes on my performer 405

    Definitely could be foam in tank. Or belt slipping maybe. Check the lid gaskets to
  19. Kyle8

    Geez had to happen sooner later i guess.

    This is crazy you could have fixed the problem a little smelly carpet happend to everyone
  20. Kyle8

    10 inch tmf crb

    Just bought a 10inch crb and was wondering what needed to be done as far as maintaining the machine. Figure I would start a thread to help people in the future.
  21. Kyle8

    New IPS Pro Sprayer

    I thought the same things but it is so so so easy, really really really simple you would be surprised.
  22. Kyle8

    New IPS Pro Sprayer

    I have the IPS classic and it has been good to me. I installed the better seals and took the whole thing apart and put it back together in about 15 minutes. Super super easy to fix if anything does break but so far nothing has broken on mine