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  1. leofry

    Honestly thinking of buying a Rotobrush

    OK let me start by saying i do believe in the push pull method and i do own and use a negative air machine. the hypervac which i love and use on all jobs that have a basement but on crawspace and on attic jobs i can't help but believe that a rotobrush or a machine smilular would be helpful Yes...
  2. leofry

    Mold in duct work remove the duct work -any disagreements?

    should't duct work be replaced if mold is found in them. do you really feel confident in removing the mold in a duct work ? John
  3. leofry

    Choosing Negative air machine

    I own the Hypervac hybrid negative air 3000cfm if i buy another one i will look at the 5000 cfm. one thing i liked about the hypervac was the easy of getting the machine in and out of a house. Hypervac has a very good website and youtube ch that really sold me.
  4. leofry

    Solo or team ?

    what do you mean pulll the plug, retire ?
  5. leofry

    Solo or team ?

    Do you ever did attics ?
  6. leofry

    Solo or team ?

    Thank you!
  7. leofry

    wanted used hypervac hybrid vacuum

    I may sell mine Revolution HYBRID 120 Volt PRO model
  8. leofry

    Solo or team ?

    So can you did it solo or is it a 2 man job?
  9. leofry

    How long will a Machine and Van last ? forever ?

    How long will a Machine any machine but mine is a prochem peak with 3000 hours and a Van with 165000 miles last ? i know its kind of a guess but consider its maintenance when its is supposed to and very well taking care of. for the last few years I've been dying to buy a new van and a new...
  10. leofry

    What's longest you'll wait for your client

    How long will you wait for your client? It's a little more understanding if they call you or you call them and they say sorry I'm running late but what if you call them and they don't even answer
  11. leofry

    Can you successfully white towel test after cleaning

    Thanks Scott great idea and if i was paid to do all that i would post bonnets but when they are looking for a great price i just don't want to give up my time. I would love to post bonnet most jobs
  12. leofry

    Can you successfully white towel test after cleaning

    Not sure i will be dong this job again, I have gotten to a place in my life that i try not to over think things, he is a good guy but he like i said he dint tell me this until yesterday and i did the job back last June. He also wants a deal but the job can't be done until 6 pm so just me i don't...
  13. leofry

    Can you successfully white towel test after cleaning

    would you feel comfortable white towel testing you cleaning job once done ?. I do realize if you the cleaner cleaning carpet that is cleaned every 6 months then this test would be more successful. I have never tried it but i can't help but think that this could be a hard test to pass...
  14. leofry

    Cleaning VCT

    Was unsure where to post or ask this but but being am not stripping and waxing i thought i would just put it here. Ok i know the right procedure on VCT but i have a client who says they don;t care about it being shiny they just want it cleaned ... so what would you use the spinner ? what product ?
  15. leofry

    Question for Viper Venom users only

    Question could this be used for brick? I have a entrance to a bar that has a brick walkway and its baaaad Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using TMF Forums mobile app
  16. leofry

    Browning ?

    Ok good to know Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using TMF Forums mobile app
  17. leofry

    Browning ?

    May not know this answer but does interlink carry any product that will work , going there in the morning before i go back to job ...i also have serum cu but it'll need to be rinsed out Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  18. leofry

    Browning ?

    9 years in business and this is a first. Friday we cleaned a small home pretty dirty but not crazy. We cleaned it and looked good, client agreed and signed off. Got a call saying they had several brown spots appear. went back today went over them with just water a light cleaning, no cleaner...
  19. leofry

    How are you applying deodorizer?

    Do you just add it to your cleaner ? or do you apply after with a hydro force or a pump up sprayer? and do you really feel like your are truly deodorizing or just leaving a nice smell after cleaning
  20. leofry

    does anyone recycle waste water for their yard ?

    is it possible ? anyone do it? next summer am building a garage and i am thinking of ideas to dispose of waste water. could plumb it and put drain in middle of floor but i have obstacle that will make that difficult. so am thinking could pump it in a waste barrel and then use it to water yard ...
  21. leofry

    One van show- to keep old van as a back up mmmmm ??

    Prochem peak almost 9 years old will be in about 2 months ill have to check the hour on it. its maintenance every 100 hours and you can check with Interlink on that if you want to talk to them. Van is a 2005 with 150k miles on it .. i gotta be honest its had a new transmission put in it well a...
  22. leofry

    One van show- to keep old van as a back up mmmmm ??

    i think i have made up my mind but my van is in the shop so am bored and wanted to see what you guys thought. am on the verge of buying a new van in the next mmm 6 to 18 months. so do sell the old set up van and equipment or do i keep it as a back up? even with a new van things happen and its...