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    Need to make this portable better

    Hi all, I just got an older mytee 1000 dx . One of the vac motors is going bad. I'd like to know what i should replace it with . Also should I run the hoses differenty ? In series or Parrel ?ill post a pic comments are greatly appreciated . GOD bless and thank you
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    lifan engines?????????????

    need a cheap replacement ,lifan yea or nea???????are they really the same as a honda?quality?
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    #3 blower

    can any #3 blower be used the way the amtex prowler does?in other words can you run water through all of them?or is it just the t series?
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    could you use a 50 gallon metal drum for a waste tank?

    so i tore down my peice of junk 15 hp stallion chem tex.frame is all wrong,everything is hard to get too.the water pump takes at least an hr to pull building a new frame and im going to make everything alot more easy to get to.i dont have my original waste tank could i use a 50 gallon...
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    little giant heater

    a few questions about the little gian they clean at 200 degrees?are they dependable?
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    looking for prochem blazer plus

    need a prochem blazer plus.please let me know.
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    White magic 1800 pros vrs cons?

    i can buy a white magic with 2600 hrs on it for this a good deal does anyone know about these machines?pros vrs cons
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    Hi all, have a chance to get my hands on a 1997 white magic has 2500 hours and comes with freshwater and waste tank.i can get it for 3000 is it worth is?are these machines hard to work on? thanks all:)
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    truckmount belt drive or direct drive,which is better?

    which is better?heat exchangers vrs. gass heater?direct drive or pulley?brigsandstraton vrs kohlor
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    truck force

    2 yrs old 24 hrs on it.its the 3500 series.3 two stage it worth 1,300 bucks?
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    when they say electric truckmount are they talking about portables????????

    i've been reading and is that what youguys are talking about?is a truckforce an electric truckmout?????:bigsmiley:
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    how does a truckmount work?

    wanna know how a simple truck mount works?the pump,blower,heatexchanger.i would like to learn about the mechanics of siple machines.
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    -how to heat exchangers work?

    hi all, i wanna learn how all the parts on a truckmount work before i make up my mind on which one i wanna how does the heat exchanger work?i like simple machines,not over engineered.please post pics of simple machines as well.also if you build your own truckmount how could you set up a...
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    Entry level truck mounts

    steambrite scout,panther 15,orblack stallion .they all have 3.3 blowers.and are 15 hrs youguys know of any other machines around the smae price and specs?
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    what about the rotary drimaster?pros and cons

    hi, i used this for about 6 months once and loved it.thinking about buying one.what do you guys think?also know of nay good used ones on the market?
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    need advise:)newbie here

    :confused: hi all, Im brand new to the field and have alot to learn.ive been a maintenance supervisor at an apartment complex for 2 yrs.I'm married with 2 children.My oldest is 8 and severly autistc.I can no longer hold a full time job due to his health problems.This is why ive decided to go...