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    360i "ultralite"

    well i received my 360i ultralite "prototype" a few weeks ago, so i figure it is time to give my opinion of its durability. the very first job i used it on was a very dense plush carpet that didn't allow a lot of airflow. after about 15-20min of running the rv it started to smell (like an...
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    Ordered a 360i today

    well i just ordered the 360i "ultralight" today. got a great deal on it. can't wait to try it and compare it to my other cleaning "tools".;) --Kevin--
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    selling my procaps machine

    ebay starting bid $500, buy it now $900, shipping to lower 48 $65. --Kevin--
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    auto pump-out problem

    i have the in tank pumpout (the one in the blue box with screen on one side). it does not pump very well at all. if i have the machine idleing and no hoses on it pumps good but when i crank it up with hose and wand on it usually won't pump at all, sometimes barely a trickle but doesn't keep up...
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    i have a lot of ideas of new things to invent or improve existing products in our industry to make our jobs easier (as i am sure all of you do also). like for instance a power grout line scrubber. there are power tools for everything yet we are still scrubbing grout by hand. (and it sucks). or...
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    i am thinking of hiring help (finally. only been about 16yrs by myself). how much is workers comp. for carpet cleaners in california for one employee?
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    Powr-flite ironside my review

    purchased a powr-flite ironside PF1887DC 16"wide cleaning path with the dirt cup a few mos. ago. first problem i had (within 2days) was the moisture from sitting in my van swelled the wooden beater bar so it wouldn't spin. (burned the belt up before i realized what was wrong). had to shave sides...
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    Turbocat vacuum question.

    do they make one (or a similar brand) wider than 13"? also how do they hold up to trashed apartment carpet with loose change, nails and crap (literaly) being sucked up in them? do they burn up if you have to much air flow?
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    Almost 2 to TMf

    ok so i started checking out this website a couple months ago. i thought you all were nuts and had nothing better to do than talk about carpet cleaning, work and videotaping yourselves. then i joined the nuthouse in feb. now i am on here everyday (and sometimes for hours) to see what everyone is...
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    Dry pro water vac. My opinion.

    i purchased a dry pro water vac a couple months ago.used it on some nylon carpet for pet urine and it seemed to work ok. then i used it on a low plush olefin with pad for a flood job and it didnt work very well at all. (wouldnt seal/lock down) the dimples on the bottom are way to would...