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  1. dajcleaning

    Introduction - First Ever Duel Vac 3 Stage Booster

    John, After 10 years in Hawaii, have started a business from scratch here and currently selling it and moving back to my country. I just got a M12-230V to start a tile & grout cleaning business when I got there. The machine came with 25' vacuum/solution hoses. Until I got my truckmount here in...
  2. dajcleaning

    What is the best portable Tile & Grout Cleaning set-up?

    Thanks Scott. I am already looking for 230V equipment.
  3. dajcleaning

    What is the best portable Tile & Grout Cleaning set-up?

    I want to start a tile & grout company overseas. I need your feedback in what is the best equipment to start with it. I was getting a Mytee M-12 and a Rotovac 360i, or maybe the M-12 with just regular hard surface tools, like the sx-12, gekko wand, etc.. Please share if you have any experience...
  4. dajcleaning

    El Diablo owners

    Does anybody using Masterblend El Diablo have ever had problems with smoke coming from the diesel heater? I am having some trouble with mine. I have called Masterblend and they asked me a few things, and apparently there is no reason for that. I was smoking when I got it with 50 hrs (it is now...
  5. dajcleaning

    Commercial cleaning

    Thanks for all the replies. I email them the estimate today. I quoted them $0.118 per sq.ft. This is the lowest I can get. They want to do the first floors every 6 months. With that it will be another $ 1000. I will post as soon as I get something from them. Thanks again.
  6. dajcleaning

    Commercial cleaning

    Hi everybody, I just got my TM last November and this is the first big job I am bidding. It is a Luxury Condo with 4 buildings with 4 floors each. 35K sq.ft. total. The Association manager only wants HWE with some sort of agitation. The carpet has regular traffic, only from the residents. No...
  7. dajcleaning

    El Diablo.

    I just got mine. It is now around 135 hrs. This is my first tm and I am very happy with it. I have done 2 wands and mostly one with 100 to 150 ft. The heat is always over 220. Very easy to service. Love it!
  8. dajcleaning

    El Diablo problem.

    Scott, I checked the Air Filter and did as you said. It was ok when I remove the air filter. I blew out the dust with an air compressor and put it back. It runs perfectly now. Thank you and all others for the information posted. You guys are awesome!
  9. dajcleaning

    El Diablo problem.

    I am new to truckmounts. I have use portables for 6 years and just got an El Diablo. The last two days its engine has lost power. At first it happened a couple times in the middle of the job, yesterday it got a little worse, the "down time" was a little longer with a little of smoke and then...
  10. dajcleaning

    Master Blend El Diablo (Loud)

    Andy, can you send me a picture of what/how your mechanic did. I am having the same problem, specially for commercial jobs done at night.
  11. dajcleaning

    Cut the crap how many of you one man shows are doing 100k

    I started my company six years ago to work as a sub-contractor for a 30+ years old company that spends 50K+ per year in yellow pages ads, a bait and switch of course. After three years (Aug/ 06) I decided to do my own, because I was tired of been explored with a 30% commission. I have done the...
  12. dajcleaning

    What is the fanciest house you've cleaned?

    Well, here in Hawaii you don't need to book many jobs to find a million $$ house, we have many available now if anyone is interested. One of the best houses I've cleaned belongs to John Browning, his grandfather was the founder of the Browning Arms Company. Check his house at...
  13. dajcleaning

    Real portable power!

    Jaime, Can send me a picture of the vacuums setup in your truckforce. What is the length of your hoses with that power? Thanks. [email protected]
  14. dajcleaning

    $ 9.99 Per Room!

    David, What is your dream? Do you have children? What kind future are you planing for them? I am sure you gonna need a little more than $10 p/ room to give them something better than you are having for yourself today.
  15. dajcleaning

    Better Business Bureau?

    BBB If people get ripped off from bait and switch companies they can go to BBB and file a complaint. The company doesn't need to be a member to get bad reviews. The consumer will know when a company is not reliable.
  16. dajcleaning

    Better Business Bureau?

    I have got good jobs because I am member, I pay them around $25/month its worth for us. One single job/month pays for it. :)
  17. dajcleaning

    $ 9.99 Per Room!

    There is a company here in Honolulu, Hawaii that put on their website the reason they charge only $9.99 - They said it is because they only drive 4 cylinder trucks and the competition big 8 cyl vans. We have received at least 3 calls this month alone to fix problems left by this type of cleaner...
  18. dajcleaning

    Is it a good idea to list your prices on website?

    I have control to put on or off my price list page on my website. When we start to receive to many calls from people just looking for the cheapest cleaner we put it off. Usually between the 10th to 20th every month (renters looking for someone to clean carpets) We have it off for one or two...
  19. dajcleaning

    Pet odor problem.

    Hey Guys, I am having a problem with "wet dog smell". First day I sprayed Molecular Modifier all over and then extracted everything, it was a little better but it was still there. A week later (last week) I used an Ozone machine, them cleaned the carpet again, it was very good, the smell was...
  20. dajcleaning

    Do you accept credit card?

    I've owned a wireless cc machine for almost three years. I bought it from ebay for $600.00. I contacted Sam's Club Credit Card Processing and they replaced mine for a brand new with all setup I needed. Their fees are 1.64% for swiped transactions plus $0.19 per transaction. My statement shows...
  21. dajcleaning

    Do you accept credit card?

    Steve, This is one of the best ideas I've heard in my 5 years in business. I do a lot of cc from the military clients I have here in Paradise. The cancellations are pretty often. The cancellation fee is an excellent idea. Thanks.
  22. dajcleaning

    How much does worth?

    How much does it worth? I need help to get an idea about price for a 2007 Chevy Express, Extended, 4000 Miles only. Powerclean CFI 3000, Kohler Aegis 26, 200' Hose & Reel, Only 122 Hours. 200 ft vacuum and solution.
  23. dajcleaning

    Before you get there...

    I was trying to create myself a guide to e-mail every time we book a job, with some orientations about what the customer can do to help us work more effectively, such as, removing toys, shoes or books and magazines off carpet. Also it is a great tool to get the customer e-mail and keep you...
  24. dajcleaning

    How hard was to get off the truck?

    For those who achieved success on this major challenge for any owner operator. When/Why/How you did it.
  25. dajcleaning

    Hello From North Carolina

    Welcome Chris. TMF has as members a few "authorities" in the industry. I hope you open to learn a lot. God bless and Happy new year.