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  1. OldCarpetVet

    The ooooooooh dat's Nicsh Thread

    I'll Start. Enjoy.
  2. OldCarpetVet

    My New Career Since Moving To Sarasota and Leaving Behind 38 Years In The Carpet Cleaning Industry.

    I'm Sorry. But hey....How 'bout that new prespray? :ROFLMAO::D;)
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    Do You Think That There Is A Such Thing As TOO MUCH Experience?

    I have pondered this for quite some time now and having been meaning to ask all of you here what your thoughts are. It was just this past Monday when I was at a clients house re-stretching and cleaning his carpets when we struck up the conversation about having major surgery. (It's what old...
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    Hey John @bonnetpro.....

    Thought that you would want to see this. I just got an email from the good folks at excellent supply. They are promoting a sale on their HydrOx Peroxide when I noticed THIS.... Hmmmmm. Copyright infringements??? Here is the whole email.... Buy 2 Cases of Encap-HydrOx - SAVE $50 Thank...
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    What The Heck............

    It's not even April yet? 13 PostsOldCarpetVet Well-Known Member 9 Postsjtsunbrite Well-Known Member 5 PostsStevenB. Well-Known Member 4 PostsDavid Flipping New Member 3 PostsJim Davisson Member
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    So.....What's Your favorite Beer?

    Hopefully we have some REAL MEN here (and dainty ladies too) ;) who enjoy a REAL BEER and not that animal piss, Budwater, Coors crap or Miller mush. Me....These are my favorites. I prefer the dark, micro brews. What do you like? ONLY BEER. NO BOOZE, OR WINE ON THIS THREAD. (y)
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    If You Could Only Pick 1 Type Of Food To Eat For 1 Year What Would It Be?

    Okay....Time to take a break from carpet cleaning. So what food would you pick? For me it would have to be pizza. And not that shitty ass Domino's, Papa John's, Pizza Hut or any other franchise crap they call pizza. That's not pizza. THIS is pizza.....REAL New York Pizza. Maria's pizza in...
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    I Just Noticed That I'm On The "Top Posters" List

    This is not good. Not good at all. I mean.....Will I start looking like Jeff now and use green pads to scrub everything from carpets to my ass? Will I start smokin' weed like Aloha now? Nooooooo no no no noooo. Will I suddenly admire Babe Ruth like Mike? I'M A MET FAN FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD...
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    Pre-Vacuum... Pre-Spray... Pre-Scrub... I'M TIRED OF THE PRE!

    Okay, while I'll admit that I'm no Einstein and I'm damn sure not going to win any literature awards any time soon, I do have a pretty good grasp of the english language and I gotta tell you (youz guyz where I'm from) that I'm tired of reading words with "Pre" in it. You've all seen those stupid...
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    A Little Carpet/Rug Cleaning History

    Rob's Post on industry knock-offs prompted me to start this thread. Though retired now, I spent almost 4 decades in this industry. If there was only one piece of advice I could give anyone it would be to LEARN FROM THE PAST. If you actually take the time to read what I posted here, you too...
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    8 Minutes Of Your Life That You'll Never Get Back....But So What.

    I watched the whole video. It was corny, funny and stupid.... but mostly entertaining. I guess all you Pa. guys remember him from the 1980's. This guy LOVED carpet.......or some would say...."Marketing Carpet". And they'd be right. Enjoy.
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    Have Any Of You Ever Used Or Thought Of Using A Walk Behind Extractor For Residential Work?

    I've always wondered if anyone ever did build a successful residential carpet cleaning business using a commercial walk behind extractor. (Not Joe Wheeler and his Rug Doctor) I have used them in a commercial setting before many years ago, but never residential. Too cumbersome I would think, no...
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    People Are Insane! Enjoy.

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    Selling My Strong 17" CRB Machine & 18" Royal Vacuum

    Both machines are only 4 to 5 months old and look as close to new as they can get. Both machines works flawlessly as they should. CRB comes with two sets of brushes. The standard Blue and more aggressive Black brushes as well as the dust covers and renovators. The only piece it does NOT have...