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    Changing between trex Jr and wand

    I'm looking to demo the trex Jr and have been wondering what you guys do for changing between your wand and the hookup for the trex. Do you wand the edges on one whole floor and then unscrew your hose adapter for wand and attach it to the mytee cuff or do you do that on each and every room...
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    anyone in Erie Pa doing VCT work?

    I do all of the PPG paint stores in Northeast Ohio and the regional manager is has two or three stores to get stripped and waxed and a monthly service. I charge a flat year round price of $105 which includes monthly burnishing and a once a year strip and wax. Payment is right away at the...
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    Problems stripping with propane

    Wanted to get some input from you guys that run propane strippers. It seems lately that not everything is coming up with the first strip and this is even sometimes when it is my own work and I know there isn't more than four coats down. I run a pioneer barracuda propane with malgrit brushes...
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    green floor finish

    Has anyone used any green floor finishes and how is the durability , shine, and scuff resistance compared to regular finish? Really wanting to go completely green in my company and this is the last phase of the operation that needs it
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    Epoxy floor

    Have a customer that has an epoxy floor that a 100% solids urethane sealer was used on it abiut 4 years ago. Tried a hog hair pad on a 1600 rpm high speed buffer and didn't make much of a difference. Would twister pads work on this? What do you guys do?
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    M5 solution pump issue

    Hopefully one of you tech savvy guys might be able to help me out here. I've only had the m5 for about a year and haven't used it a lot yet. Accidentally ran it out of water a couple times and started having pump priming issues. I could force prime it by sticking a garden hose in the solution...
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    Blogging on different sites

    Hopefully someone can help me with this. Using to check my competitions backlinks I am unable to figure out how to post a blog entry on these things. Here is an example of one of the places he has a post link not valid. I...
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    Shower stall

    Just got my first shower stall to do. A one person consisting of ceramic tile and white cementious grout. They also want the caulk along the interior replaced. Any tips as far as chemicals and process would be appreciated. I have tmf tilemaster and bought some zepshower tub and tile...
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    A Kleener Image

    Well, cleaning has come full circle for me now in life. I remember as a child always wanting to make the faucets shine and even caring about how shiny and clean the bottoms of the pots and pans were. I now get the opportunity to carry that same diligence and effort into peoples homes and...
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    How long of a warranty?

    Kind of kicking this thought around a little bit. So some of you say that you have a 30 day warranty for new stains or returning spots. According to Steve T. if you were to go into a carpet sales place and offer a one year warranty of spills provided they use you to clean their carpets cleaned...
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    image for business card

    Probably reaching a little here but what do you guys think of this as an image on the front of a business card with the caption underneath..."How do you want your image to reflect?" And then on the back of the card have my logo and business information?
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    Ideas for business card

    I am in the process of having my business card redone by my webdesigner. I was originally looking to maybe use a mirrored business card with one half being kind of dingy looking and the other half the mirror so when someone looked at it half of their face would look normal and the other half...
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    new logo, need feedback

    I started out doing vct only 4 yrs ago and have since expanded into tile and grout and carpet. My original logo was just for vct so I am in the process of having my website professionally redone and my logo also. I am trying to get a more universal logo that creates that thought and feeling of...
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    mytee m5 autofill

    Hey all, hope to get some help here. I have a Mytee m5 and have a big job tomorrow, I tested out the autofill for the first time...hooked up the garden hose and put about 5 gallons of water into the tank. The orange light is on in the front showing im on two circuits. So when I cleaned a rug...