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    Hydramaster Upholstery tool

    i have had the plastic hydramaster for about 2 yrs. the valve started leaking after about six months. the metal strips slide around and it snags loopy fringes. the clear plastic window is delaminating and cracking. i still keep it in its cover and it is the only tool i don't abuse. i expected...
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    Blower ugh

    i don't even have a lube port on mine anymore. only time i have had a problem was when the back-up machine sits to long. broke it loose and it was fine.
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    Has anyone using Oreck LowBoy LB9000?

    i bought one used last year at a swap meet. i tried to use it on a job to encap some cgd. my opinion is it was extremely hard to keep it on a straight line. it needs wheels to guide it. i ended up using my 175. the lowboy just sits in the garage. --Kevin--
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    We added a fuel charge

    bad idea imo. it stands out a lot more than just raising your price a little. when i go through my bills i get angry when i see all the little rip off fees added on. also, rising fuel prices will cause everything else to cost more, so are you going to add a chemical surcharge, tire surcharge...
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    Truck Mounts and Cleaning Apartments...

    freshwater tank is nice but i have not had one for 3 years and i do a lot of apts. i just carry about 150 ft. of garden hose on a reel and a spare 50 ft. it hasn't been a problem yet. --Kevin--
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    Astro/Safari owners??

    i have an 03 astro and a 05 express 3/4 ton.. i bought the astro a few years ago when the gas prices started climbing. i think the best mileage i ever got (empty, no tm installed). was 14-15mpg, maybe because it is the awd. loaded with tm and all equipment it has almost zero suspension, rubber...
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    Pre-scrub machine for Residential

    i just sold my procaps a few weeks ago because i didn't feel it was any better than my sebo. yes it is a little heavier (around 30lbs) but it is 4inches wider than the sebo so the actual psi on the carpet is not much (if any) more than the sebo. the sebo takes almost no space in the van and is...
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    I have a story about dumping my tank.

    just put a ball valve on each end of your pump-out hose then close them when you want to remove the hose. no mess. --Kevin--
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    Forget CFM vs Lift - Now We Have CDFM!

    Dan, great post. now for an even more real world scenario try dumping a bucket of soapy water through the cd hole (slowly) with 50' hose attached. i am curious how much this will drop the lift number until the hose clears. --Kevin--
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    Need help!! Pump problems....

    if you have a job on sat. you may want to buy the rebuild parts now or at least make sure the parts are readily available in case it is not a simple fix. --Kevin--
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    Perfect tool for keeping pressure line off grass

    you do know they make specific ones for holding solution lines off the grass, there called yardsticks. they are a little more money $34.95 for a set of 5 but they grip the hose so it doesn't slide down to the grass. --Kevin-- [/IMG]
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    devestator. you can get it with 4 to door set up and it is a lot bigger than the pool filters so it doesn't plug up near as fast. --Kevin--
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    which cleans better?

    are you 2 fighting again? you were getting along so good.
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    360i "ultralite"

    maybe they read your posts on this forum and thought you were not the right person for feedback on a prototype.:eek: just kidding Johnny i am sure they do not want to sell anymore until they tweak it some more. no, i am not saying it is crap at all. it is a great machine but this motor in...
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    are you trying to cool the entire van down or just the front? i made my own divider out of thin plywood. i put bubble foil insulator on one side and cgd carpet on the other. it slides between the tm and the seats. if i need to get to the tm to work on something it simply slides out. works great...
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    which cleans better?

    i think they might be Ken Harris glides who is now banned.
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    360i "ultralite"

    well i received my 360i ultralite "prototype" a few weeks ago, so i figure it is time to give my opinion of its durability. the very first job i used it on was a very dense plush carpet that didn't allow a lot of airflow. after about 15-20min of running the rv it started to smell (like an...
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    LMB2A, LMB3A, LMB4A BTU output? Exhaust temp?

    Larry, i am curious what the real results are (not the Ken Harris over-hyped, change the industry, get on board or go out of business, version). the tm set up i am sure would do the trick but is to complicated and take to much time, back and forth switching blower and running hoses. i am...
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    Drimaster Rotary Tool

    just carry a feeler gauge like eyeball stated above. i got in the habit of using the feeler gauge before each job. --Kevin--
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    Drimaster Rotary Tool

    i have seen some of your vids, they are very good i just thought i had seen one of you with the rdm but i must have confused you with someone else. you don't like the 360 because it is to light? thats funny, i got rid of my rx20 because it is so heavy. i hated lugging it up and down stairs...
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    Drimaster Rotary Tool

    maybe i am wrong but didn't i see a video of you using a rdm? curious why you would be asking then. mho is the 360i is the best rotary tool. the rdm works great on a lot of different carpets but not all. the 360i imo does a more thorough cleaning because of the spray jets (instead of just...
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    Solution hose inside vacuum hose?

    i can't say if you would lose any noticeable cfm's but if you are using heated solution water it will definately cool it significantly. --Kevin--
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    How many of you run prefilter boxes on your tmount setup?

    Jimmy, i think you misunderstood Rob's post, he doesn't use a tank filter box, he removes it and only has a pre-filter on the blower inlet. --Kevin--
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    ProChem Legend Heat Exchanger

    ok so this is my public apology for posting blue barons link above. Ryan i am very Sorry for your horrible experience with this guy. i will now edit my original post with a buyer beware. --Kevin-- btw, Norm that was a great video, very informative.
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    How many of you run prefilter boxes on your tmount setup?

    i use a big (homemade) inline filter. i agree with Rob that any inline filter or drop basket will reduce airflow/lift, however if you keep it clean it is very minimal and cleaning the wastetank weekly and the blower filter daily is way to much maintanence when i have to do it all myself. i...