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  1. Sho_Shane

    Cloth Cabin Partition?

    I'm looking for a Cloth Cabin Partition to separate my Cab form the rest of the van. Can anyone point me to someone that makes them?
  2. Sho_Shane

    New Setup for my Van

    So as buesness gets better I have been able to get a few new and better things for the van. :) This is what I installed in the van this weekend. Before: During: After: What do you guys think?
  3. Sho_Shane

    Ok Guys What Do I Do Next

    Ok so I'm building up a Customer base but I really need it to go faster. I really want my business structure to work like this: 25% Apartments - 25% Commercial - 50% Residential. I have kinda started with Apartments by going to them and visiting with managers, Handing out price list and stuff...
  4. Sho_Shane

    Guys can I get a little help with Pics?

    Hey guys am blessed to have Ayetti helping build a little one page ad for like Criagslist, forums, and stuff like that. But I dont have the extra money right now for istock right now so I was wondering if some of you guys have some pics from your jobs that you would not mind donating to the...
  5. Sho_Shane

    Would Anyone Be Willing To Help Me Build A Single Page Ad For Craigslist

    I don't know much about computer stuff and I am just getting started. But what I am looking to do is build a single page Ad for like Craigslist Other Ad Sites, Facebook, and Forums and stuff like that. A JPEG file of some sort I could load onto Photo bucket and link to stuff. Does anyone...
  6. Sho_Shane

    How do I Clean this, How do I charge, and How much should I charge?

    Guys I know this is not Carpet but I need some fast answers and this forum gets the most views on the site. I am building an estimate on a Dentist office. They have already given me there monthly window cleaning contract and called me yesterday on cleaning their carpets in the Front Office...
  7. Sho_Shane

    Cleaning Ampico Wood Floors?

    Guys I'm wanting to bid on a Doctors Office that has a few rooms of carpet but is mostly this Ampico Wood Floors. I was wondering a few things, 1. How would you go about cleaning this type of flooring and 2. How would you go about charging this type of flooring? Any and ALL help would be...
  8. Sho_Shane

    Quick Books or Quicken?

    Guys I'm looking for software to keep up with well EVERYTHING. Service Monster looks great but I havent serviced my first customer yet so its a little pricey for me. What do you guys think is the best software to handle the money in my business?
  9. Sho_Shane

    Bruin II Not Building Heat Real Well?

    So what am I doing wrong? I fire her up and I mean it takes 20+ minutes to even get to 180. I dont know much about TM's but I am in a spot where if I can fix it I need to fix it myself. Everything else works great although I will say that it seems like my fresh water tank emptys fast and my...
  10. Sho_Shane

    Bruin II Not Building A Lot Of Heat

    So what am I doing wrong? I fire her up and I mean it takes 20+ minutes to even get to 180. I dont know much about TM's but I am in a spot where if I can fix it I need to fix it myself. Everything else works great although I will say that it seems like my fresh water tank emptys fast and my...
  11. Sho_Shane

    My New Company Update With Lots Of Pics

    Got pics of the Van to share. I know its in rough shape but the price was cheap. Its still in the shop cus they found some freeze damage from it sitting for 3 years. But they have it running good now and it should be done from there monday or tuesday. Busted park light and a missing...
  12. Sho_Shane


    What do you guys do for Invoices and work orders? My old boss had these really nice 2 piece carbon ones that were white and made 2 copys as you wrote on them. They were made for carpet cleaning work though. Does anyone use these and know how to go about getting them?
  13. Sho_Shane

    Well I Finally Did It, I bought A Van!!!

    Well I have been asking questions for 2 weeks now and have looked at 5 vans. I went ahead and picked up a 1996 Ford E250 long boy. It has a Bruin 2 dual wand unit in it. I really have no use for a dual wand setup but out of the two I was considering it was the best choice I hope, I'm a little...
  14. Sho_Shane

    Prochem Bruin II or Prochem Trailblazer? Vote Inside

    Van 1: 1997 F250 Long Style with 170k and is said to be running like a champ. It has a Prochem Trailblazer in it that has 3000 hours and is also said to be in great shape. It has 150ft of hose, one 2 jet wand, 70gal waste tank, and no fresh water tank. Price-7,500 Van 2: 1996 F250 Long Style...
  15. Sho_Shane

    I need help please guys.

    Ok I really think I have found the van for me. But I need some help to make sure Im making the right choice. I found a 97 Ford F350 that have 170K on it but is in REALLY good shape. There is not a dent on it or a scratch in the paint. The van was bought brand new to be setup for carpet...
  16. Sho_Shane

    What TM Is This???

    Im looking to buy this van and TM. Can anyone tell me what TM this is and some info on it? Specs, a website, or anything that can help me deside if this is a good deal or not? link not valid
  17. Sho_Shane

    Having a REALLY hard time with a name.

    Guys Im weeks away from buying a van and getting started with my slow building carpet business. I have been trying to come up with a name for 3 months. I really dont know what to call this company! I mean I want it to have meaning, be catchy, and not just look stupid. Can ANYONE give me an idea...
  18. Sho_Shane

    New To The Forum From Texas

    Hello my name is Shane, I have about 3-4 years of Carpet Cleaning and handling EMS services like Water or Fire Damages. I Live in the DFW area in Texas and Im the single father of 2 kids with no help from anyone. I have been out of Carpet Cleaning for the past 2 years but the company I work for...
  19. Sho_Shane

    Please Help Me Start My Own Business.

    My name is Shane. I live in Texas and before 2 years ago I had 3 years of basic Carpet Cleaning Experience. The first company I worked for handled mostly water damage sites. Extracting water, cutting sheet rock, pulling pad, setting equipment, and finishing the job with relays. The company...