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    Wireless PTO TM Control

    I know chip Garber has done it on one of his butlers, but not for sure what he is using.
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    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    Just get a butler and quit worrying about it man.
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    Mytee bentley stair tool or PMF swivel stair tool?

    The stair wand , we used it quite a few times and it just wasn't designed good with the angles for doing the riser.
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    Mytee bentley stair tool or PMF swivel stair tool?

    We bought the mytee and sent it back. The length of the handle and the angle of the head was horribly designed. It created very awkward angles. We were really excited when we got it and then really bummed lol.
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    New Hydramaster machines

    Anyone can work on their equipment. Lots of lies going around from Interlink that you have to send your van to them to have work done. That is wrong. The only requirement is that the part have to be butler parts as part of their 10 year warranty program.
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    Soap Daddy Who Has Used It?

    I don't think reading something off an sds is considered an assumption. I would love to sit down with chemists though as I do enjoy that side of our field. I just know there are some very safe products that are very effective, so the more hazardous ones aren't really necessary.
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    Soap Daddy Who Has Used It?

    I wouldn't advise that with quite a few of your products. I'm just saying that you make your products out to be soooo safe and they all are not. I encourage everyone to reads the sds , there are a few companies out there making really high quality products that are really safe also. I honestly...
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    Soap Daddy Who Has Used It?

    Kind of like this bio 10k stuff ?
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    Customer Reviews

    Start using nice jobs review platform and you will never look back
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    simple truck mount less parts than a ETM

    Already in love with it ! Even though we haven't and any repairs we have been ordering parts that might potentially go bad so we are ready . I love seeing the layout of this thing and how they have made it so easy to work on. I know with my Chemtex to change the belts you had to loosen up the...
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    simple truck mount less parts than a ETM

    Lol ..I didn't even see that !
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    simple truck mount less parts than a ETM

    I'm guessing autocorrect got ya Johnny and you meant butler not hilter. Yeah I am for sure sold lol. Even though I maintained my Chemtex very well I was always seeming to break down with this problem or that problem...literally like once a month. We have had the butler for 6 months now and have...
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    simple truck mount less parts than a ETM

    As somebody that has owned a Chemtex for 7 years and now have it available as a backup since acquiring a butler I can tell you from experience that there is a huge difference in reliability and quality and output of the machine. I thought when I had my Chemtex that I had it made lol. It had the...
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    My latest rug washing pit.

    How much for the centrifuge from there ? I know I've seen some ads from them but figured they were a scam or something lol. I have the Joe Roberts rug sucker and marinator system but we haven't quite got it nailed down real good to get prices below $2. It seems most of the poly rugs are cheaper...
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    My latest rug washing pit.

    Looks good Johnny ! Where did you get your centrifuge from? What kind of price have you been able to get on the polysters?
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    Who are the best independent truck mount makers?

    Butlers are super easy to work on really. Most parts are quick connects. Everything else pretty much just runs and runs.
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    I Love My Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners!

    Any of you guys with steamers ever try using them to clean fireplace brick or stone ?
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    Vapor Steamer

    Any of you guys ever clean fireplace stone with a steamer ?
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    Google Local Service Ads

    We have signed you for it and really like it. It has helped us get jobs in areas where we weren't really ranking before. The spot comes at the very top of the search pages. Leads cost 16 bucks each .
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    Just don't be fooled into thinking that with the brown spp pads that you will strip the floor to the bare tile which is what most of the salesman proclaim. You will remove some layers but not all without weights and diamond pads
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    Don't believe everything you read...
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    Official Hydramaster Truckmount review thread

    Why would someone do insurance fraud unless they had big problems with the machine? Or is that what you were trying to say?