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  1. KeithG

    How do you clean Poolside carpet?

    Tomorrow I'm cleaning poolside carpet for a regular customer. The carpet goes nearly to the edge of the pool. I'm thinking about using a hydrogen peroxide vs my normal pre-spray. I don't want to suds up the pool or filter system! Has anyone cleaned poolside carpet? How did you do it? Here are...
  2. KeithG


    The joy of Google reviews! Today a telemarketer called. She was told we don't accept phone solicitations. She called back four more time & got increasingly hostile. Within a few minutes after the last call this google review popped up... Google Review by KeithG posted Mar 16, 2017 at 6:12 PM...
  3. KeithG

    Just another day at the office...

    Found this while cleaning an empty apartment today
  4. KeithG

    1st Repair Job

    Did my 1st repair job Friday for a PM. The after picture does not show the seam around the replacement carpet, but in person it stands out more. Any tips to make the seam less visible?
  5. KeithG

    7 Cats?!?

    Just had a customer call & reschedule last minute. The reason she gave was she didn't know what to do with her seven cats... I wish she hadn't told me about the cats. Now I'm going to think about those little pikers for the next couple weeks violating her carpets. I think I'm dreading it...