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  1. rstrick


    How many of you guys want a wand with a swivel head? Can't do a poll on tap talk so, just curious where the demand would be. Doesn't matter what type of wand either. If you could have a swivel on your wand now, would you do what ever is Nessesary to modify?
  2. rstrick

    The end

    Here is the info you requested.
  3. rstrick

    If you think while you clean

    Sometimes if we are a little more attentive while we are at our clients home we may find a few items in dire need of cleaning. Just think out side the box a bit with me. For one moment leave the world of fiber, and upholstery and focus on surfaces your client come in contact with daily that are...
  4. rstrick

    The question Question

    What are some of your answer question with a question. Questions These help determine what your potential client is really looking for. How much does it cost? When was the last time your carpets were professional cleaned.
  5. rstrick

    How to structure a sells/encap position

    How is this set up? Is it percentage of sell and percentage of completion of job. For example the position would do sells calls and also perform the cleaning when scheduled. What are a few ways this us structured.
  6. rstrick

    No compete contracts

    Do you or not? If you have, have you ever had to take one to court? How did you wrote the contract and did you envolve your lawyer?
  7. rstrick

    Platte City, MO

    I have a client that just moved here and she is unhappy with the cleaning that was done prior to her arrival. She has asked me to refer her a local cleaner, so if your in the area drop me a contact and web site.
  8. rstrick

    Thread forum videos

    I can't get them to play on my iPad any more! What is the deal. Very time I touch the play bottom it says that it can't play this format? Anyone have an answer?
  9. rstrick

    Richard expert cleaning

    Just read your article in sunbelt USA catalog. Very well written and great advice. I just so happen to be at that cross road and the wheels are spinning on our approach to this idea. For me this is the exciting part of business. I love cleaning, but I really love the evolution of a company...
  10. rstrick

    Strip and wax for linoleum.

    Could I just mop on stripper, mop off. Rinse twice and them two,coats if wax and call it done?
  11. rstrick

    White Dusting after HWE on CGD

    Just did 4000 sq ft and the office are dried with a white powder very where. Like snow. Is this like over dose of carpet can cleaner over like 15 years. Would the fix be a lot of vacuum and encap? Scared to even put HWE back there. Military training school.
  12. rstrick

    How would you approach this....

    Employee that has been with you six months. A few issues that are on the table being addressed. Mostly poor performance issues. Recently been put on high alert. Get serious, find a new job, or we will discontinue our relationship as of January 1, 12013. Notice given just over a month ago. Here...
  13. rstrick

    The lay of the nap

    We recently cleaned a couch, arm chair, and ottoman. The fiber was a mix of nylon and cotton blend. We cleaned with a mild PS and extracted as normal. We like to use a hand bonnet to absorb any additional moisture and groom the nap back in one direction. The client calls back today and asked...
  14. rstrick

    TM Fuel preformance guide

    Is there one of these that give the fuel usage compared to exchanger, propane, and diesel
  15. rstrick

    When you bought the second unit....

    How did you set parameters New new Used new Used used Did you itemize each component such as reels, fresh water resovor, shelves, ect What was your budget. I know this will be broad but can be very informative to those that are looking in to this now. What are some creative ideas you...
  16. rstrick

    Look what I brought home Tuesday night!
  17. rstrick

    Flex citrus solv powder

    Just got a pal in yesterday and used it this am on some T&G and was thrilled with the results! Great product, can't wait to get it on so,e dirty carpet.
  18. rstrick

    Flex with citrus solv

    Just bought a pal of the new flex. I just cleaned some t and g with it and it has great performance. One scoop to a gal. Great combo.
  19. rstrick

    TM pumps

    Is there a life expectant on them or hours of use before replacement becomes an option.
  20. rstrick

    Bane system and 2011 ext van

    Pm me for more info. Low miles on 2011 ext Chevy van. With bane system Included. $32,000
  21. rstrick

    How many hours...

    On your TM do you use to determine when you may start to think about a new unit. I have a little over 3K and the potential to expand to cover more work is there and also the added insurance of an additional unit for back up.
  22. rstrick

    Do you price different

    Do you have two different pricing for residential and move out house cleaning.
  23. rstrick

    Pest question for Rob

    Rob, the local dodson brother here have a serious problem with ridding German roaches. After I had them service an area for us with no avail. I put out some boric acid. Why is this not a product that they would use in this case.
  24. rstrick

    Picked up a nice nuggets today

    Thanks to one of our clients demand that we do the carpet cleanng at their home after a water loss. A local nice size company contacted us yesterday an said they are finishing up a loss at a home where we were specifically requested. During the conversation they asked if we would clean at home...
  25. rstrick

    Owner operator R&M

    I thought it would be a good thread to share the importance of the owner Operator or even small sized companies to preform the repair on equipment on small to moderate repairs. I recently had a few problems with our Boxxer 421. The pressure system was pulsating and was not getting a draw...