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  1. Beeks

    Powder Vs Liquid

    When comparing the average size pale of LIQUID chemical VS same similar pale of POWDER chemical, what are the comparisons in usage rates?
  2. Beeks

    Video Testimonials

    Is anyone using VIDEO TESTIMONIALS? We all know how important reviews are, and how big video is becoming, but what about video testimonials from customers on our websites and social platforms? When you search for a product or service do you watch video testimonials?
  3. Beeks

    Hardwood floor question, dirt dragon

    Curious if the dirt dragon is a quality product for PROPER hardwood floor cleaning... Im curious is the dirt dragon similar to the rotobrush for air ducts, meaning its garbage and not the proper way to clean air ducts. Dont take offense air duct guys, just trying to get a comparison going...
  4. Beeks

    Email Marketing Strategy

    We have been using MailChimp for the last 4 years to stay in touch with our past clients by email communication. We currently send 4 automated emails, beginning with; a day after cleaning follow up and review asking email, at 2 weeks a referral email, month and half in "did you know about our...
  5. Beeks

    Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant

    Rug cleaning Orlando
  6. Beeks

    Ahrefs or Semrush?

    They seem the same to me for the most part, recently got Ahrefs but not commited long term. What are your go to tools for SEO?
  7. Beeks

    Anyone use ....

    ResponsiBid? Heard some good things, but just recently learned about it.
  8. Beeks

    Housecall the future

    Been a Housecall Pro user since the beginning, so we are reluctant to switch out of our awesome plan rate. With that being said, who is using the online booking? How is it working for you? Worth it?
  9. Beeks

    hose with major water flow

    What options are available when it comes to upgrading our garden hose and spray nozzle for cleaning rugs? Our garden hose is about as big as it gets and we have a spray nozzle that is top notch. I want something like George Bell has in his Youtube video, looks like a fire hose. Im assuming its...
  10. Beeks

    Double doors or sliding?

    Our first van was a sliding side door, all our vans since then have been double doors. I cant recall if I like the sliding door or not. Bout to purchase another van and was curious to what yall thought about the pros and cons of sliding van door vs double doors? My only concern is the sliding...
  11. Beeks

    Getting rid of links

    I have these crazy URL's linking to my website. They must be from when I stupidly used Fiverr years ago to get back links. Im assuming as much SEO work that we do for my site that some of these link are hurting us. I cant even read the content on these sites to begin looking. Is there any way to...
  12. Beeks

    Hi, we will be arriving between 10-1pm

    So I'm assuming everyone has these customers that only hear what they want, but figured id rant anyway. We constantly have customers calling and emailing throughout week with, "its 10:15, wheres your guys at" types of questions when its a 10-1 or a 1-4 arrival window. And the only reason it...
  13. Beeks

    Detailed milage log for multi truck companies

    When you have multiple trucks in you company how do you keep track of millage log, so when the I R S comes hunting you make sure it is accurate. Templates? Do you have techs hand write? We are thinking using a trip calculator and just making excel spread sheet and inputting all info on a daily...
  14. Beeks

    Paid hollidays?

    Do you give employees holidays off? Do you pay your employees for those holidays? New Year's Day Labor Day Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Independence Day
  15. Beeks

    SEP Retirement

    I know each business will be different. But what % do you pay your employees when it comes to a SEP retirement account? I know max contribution is 25%, but that is not feasible for us yet. I'm thinking around 2% which isn't much but better than nothing, and we can increase when the time is...
  16. Beeks

    Rug sales shop too?

    Since we have been researching/adding rug cleaning to our business, we have noticed many of these rug cleaners have a store front and sell rugs as well. I'm assuming they are just buying rugs online, cleaning them up and selling them? Seems like it comes hand and hand with cleaning high end...
  17. Beeks

    Go to oriental/area rug cleaning solutions

    We have been educating ourselves over the last few weeks, and have come to the point where we are ready to practice on some of our personal and cheaply bought rugs to clean. What are your must haves when it comes to cleaning rugs in a wash pit. -Go to natural cleaning products -Go to...
  18. Beeks

    Rug plant supplies

    Looking at getting some items, We are seeing, this on Amazon, is cheapest for rubber mate underlay, any other recommendations or cheaper routes than this? Anyone have any other recommendations on best place to create our first pit. Not looking...
  19. Beeks

    How do you pay for/keep track of gas

    How do you keep track of gas costs for employees? Gas card? Tell techs to bring back receipts? @Rob Allen @Spazznout @shane deubell
  20. Beeks

    Paying your techs

    This topic is slightly different then the one recently posted by Rob. It might be to personal for some. What do you pay your techs? Hourly? How much? Up sales a bonus? Or how about %, what % of each job do they get payed? There are many variations, which ones have you tried, which ones will...
  21. Beeks

    adding oriental rugs

    So where should we start? Does IICRC offer classes? Our newly bought out by Interlink store doesn't seem to offer them. We have a big enough office to accommodate to a rug spa and drying racks. Have dehus and blowers for drying. But i know there is a lot more to it then just putting them in a...
  22. Beeks

    What mobile security system?

    Anyone have any recommendations on a security system that is viewable from another location or smart phone applicable. Would prefer motion detection recording option
  23. Beeks

    Recommend a 3-4 lin phone?

    Anyone recommed a 3-4 line phone? We need to forward a line from a cell, forward a line from another office, be able to go back and fourth between lines while being on speaker, etc. All reviews i am seeing, people say the speaker phone is horrible and many other problematic complaints . What...
  24. Beeks

    White hazy reside help

    We have used the same chemical, same tools, and same sealer for years. But over the past 3 weeks multiple techs have had multiple call backs about a white hazy residue on the grout lines....anyone have any suggestions?
  25. Beeks


    What supplies do you/your crew go out with? Since our start in July we have change up everything at least once and just not sure if I'm happy with the chemicals and supplies we are currently using. Break down what are some must have supplies that your company loves as well as chemicals that...