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  1. Rick F

    Cimex R48

    Selling my Cimex everything works as it should. New Guard, solution hose and water feed. Call me at (845) 750-5627. Tillson Ny 12486. $1100 cash!
  2. Rick F

    EZ 25/45 for sale low hours

    Pulling out of my van end of May 628 hours ! was my backup then used regulary in 2020. New engine last july old engine had a piece break off inside blew the engine. Come with mini turbo, th-40 that needs solution line. bently wand, stair tool, dust downer, brand new silver bullet filter and cool...
  3. Rick F

    EZ 25/45

  4. Rick F

    Think i can steam clean this dinning room chair?

    Doing a job friday customer thought chair could be silk. I have taken the upholstery course years ago and will do a burn test when i get there. I got these pictures no wash code> Thanks
  5. Rick F

    questions for rob and his new solvent sealer?

    Need to order grout seal again been using grouterra 721 for years with good results. Want to try yours, first does it have to be sprayed on with a pump up? can i use the bottle with rolller on it? how long will it last? how soon will it ship i know your taking pre orders i will need it soon. Thanks
  6. Rick F

    Estimate for cleaning walls carpeted?

    I have a estimate in a big dance studio with carpet on the walls. I have cleaned the wood floors there 7 years ago there is a lot of carpet. If i get it i would probaly spray with hydro force then use a stair tool to steam clean. What price per sqft should i be at ? a ladder might be needed in...
  7. Rick F

    inexpensive vacuum for church i clean carpets!

    I clean a churchs one room of carpet and they asked me to find a vacuum. Theres broke and its not that big a room. I looked online just wondering if anyone has a cheap one they know of? Thanks
  8. Rick F

    Oreck orbitor problem, motor might be done

    when oreck is on the carpet it wont viberate, i lift it off the ground it runs. Then i have to lower to the ground to scrub. I callled oreck tech all they did was give me a repair mans number. Its a year and a half old i called amazon its the only thing i didnt get the extra insurance. Just...
  9. Rick F

    I found some old unopened chemicals today!

    3 prochem upholstery cleaning gallons with tape still on the cap. It has to be before 2014 when they were bought. I bought a house then and must of lost track during the move. Plus i have not used that brand in a long time. I figure $100 loss, just glad it doesnt happen all the time! Oh well!
  10. Rick F

    anyone try something like this on uoholstery?

    I have the horse hair brushes they work good. Looking for something faster on big jobs, doing more & More upholstery lately! Thanks
  11. Rick F

    Red Nquil in commercial carpet

    Anyone ever deal with this? Doing job today i plan on using red one and heat transfer. Just asking i never came across Nquil stain before! Thanks
  12. Rick F

    Can i fix this spot on vct without stripping the whole floor again?

    Customer sent picture from yesterdays job a few spots like this. I hope i can fix with out doing over. My guess is first coat wasnt dry enough. We waited a hour even went back to my house to clean mops. Any help please! Thanks
  13. Rick F

    Any TM owners leave rubber mat on van floor?

    I bought a 2019 GMC savana 2500 last night. The van already has the rubber mat. I ripped the mat out of my last van before installing my TM. I know they can trap water under the floor. Just wondering if anyone left it in and what happened down the road? Thanks
  14. Rick F

    What octane are you running through your TMs?

    Cleaning fuel lines today with sea foam wondering what you guys use. I run regular most of the time!
  15. Rick F

    about to get my first fogger!

    I was planning on the tri jet commander then i did a search and saw some of you use pros choice vapor tunnel. It is much cheaper but i dont know if it works as good. I have been in business for almost 8 years and still use a pump up sprayer to deodorize. I do a bit of college rentals that smell...
  16. Rick F

    Can i steam clean this rug?

    Customer lives in NYC her weekend home has what she said its a cotton rag rug. I am cleaning other floors in the house friday she wants to know if i can clean rug in the picture. Thanks
  17. Rick F

    VCT in bathroom question?

    stripping and waxing local firehouse vct friday. The bathroom has what i think to be urine stains. Will this come out with just stripping? maybe steel wool or should i try something else? i told them they might need to replace tile. Its a small part of a 2500 sqft job and would like to help them...
  18. Rick F

    Gecko question?

    It wont turn off! it just keeps spraying water dont even have to pull the trigger.What should i replace? i am guessing the trigger? Not to worried i have 2. Let me know what you guys think? Thanks
  19. Rick F

    Is this real suede? and how to clean?

    Regular customer i am cleaning tile & grout sent me picture asked if i can clean. I took advanced upholstery class at magic wand N.J. over 2 years ago. He does not live very close i have him looking for tags under cushions. Any help would be great! Thanks i asked him for more pictures
  20. Rick F

    New Solution line problem

    I went to use my new goodyear solution line yesterday and my carpet wand wouldnt work. Male & female ends are both new! It worked with my other wand and cobra. I hooked up the wand that wouldnt work to another solution line and it worked fine. Just wondering what the problem could be never...
  21. Rick F

    area rug wont lie flat?

    Customer from rug i cleaned today sent picture of her rug i cleaned. It is rippled on the ends and wont stay flat, it was flat before. I cleaned 2 of the same one is fine. The one i rolled up to bring back up stairs is rippleing. I cleaned with low heat and trashed neutral. BTW i cleaned outside...
  22. Rick F

    Anyone use a propane infered heater in van to heat?

    Sorry i have not posted lately bought a house in June with 900 sq ft garage and busy with work! My garage is not insulated yet (spring it will be and heated). My question is using a propane infered heater in back of van with gas in my TM safe? I use electric heater now, but want to sleep. Thanks
  23. Rick F

    Filter from waste tank to A.P.O.

    What are you guys using, just got apo, Right now its not welded in i have it rigged with a lint hog. I need a better filter when i mount it permenitly. Any ideas would be great! Thanks
  24. Rick F

    Could not leave the last job today because....

    There is a snapping turtle under your van! TM was only off 15 minutes too had to be quiet so he could move. Lady said they lay eggs in garden every year.
  25. Rick F

    What happens to my Google listing if i change zip codes?

    Put a deposit down on a house with a bigger garage for shop, i will still have my old address. My computer ( I.P address) will be with me in new house. I am only moving 6 miles away but zip code will change. Will google pick up on I.P. change? Thanks