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  1. Nomad74

    How do I use this stuff?

    I recently bought 2 jugs of this chemspec enzyme powder. Thought it would be a good prespray but when i used it, it foamed like A rabid dog. I then noticed the jug said "Shampoo". Ok so I messed up. How do im use this stuff? The foam killed my CFM. Defoamer? Is there another method I'm...
  2. Nomad74

    Getting ready for my VCT redo with Bonesaw and 3M pads

    Got my Bonesaw and 3M HiPro pads. Let me tell you, there is a huge difference!
  3. Nomad74

    CONTEST Win a free pair of Designer socks!

    Here is a little contest. I need some ideas for monthly funny sock pictures. Best Idea wins the beautiful pair of socks shown below in the picture. The socks are new and unworn with the label still attached. Free shipping. So everyone submit your ideas and you too could be wearing some...
  4. Nomad74

    Dawn and peroxide for stain removal?

    Ok, so my know-it-all friends are sending me messages and trying to be helpful by telling me to use Dawn and peroxide on stain removal. I had a bit of a job yesterday where there was brown hair dye in the carpet. MY friend is trying to tell my the dawn/peroxide trick will get it out. I keep...
  5. Nomad74

    Traded carpet cleaning for a sailboat.

    Yup. I did it. I negotiated a sailboat for carpet cleaning. The guy needed to get rig of it because the CC&R's of his subdivision were hounding him. The guy is paralyzed and just didn't want to deal with it anymore. I promised to take him sailing once I get it sea worthy again. Yes I put this...
  6. Nomad74

    Should I do VCT jobs on stormy days?

    I have an 800 sqft vct job tomorrow. The weather report says Rain and lightning tomorrow. It's going to pour! should I reschedule or just do it in the rain. How much will the weather affect my wax dry times? Thanks!
  7. Nomad74

    How the heck do I get this out.

    I have been to this house 3 times working on this pia stain. Believe it or not when the customer called me, she told me it was my fault this stain happened because I must have dragged something across her carpet. After talking to her for awhile about it, she admitted that she took out her...
  8. Nomad74

    Help for public speaking within leads networks

    I didn't know what to title this thread, so there you have it. I'm starting this thread to share Ideas and techniques for educational speeches within leads groups. Many leads groups such as BNI, Leads Club, La-tip, and others require their members to give a 5 to 10 min talk about their...
  9. Nomad74

    What did you think of the Oscars this year?

    I found it extremely difficult to watch. A real liberal circle jerk. It's gotten so bad I stopped watching most television. I'm so tired of being forced to watch crap and trying to raise my kids with family values when hollywood and the liberal media constantly shoves their swill down our...
  10. Nomad74

    Time Lapse of Me Cleaning my Workbench

    I took the day off today to organized my garage a bit. I made a little Time lapse. My next task is to organize my rolling tool box. Hope you like.
  11. Nomad74

    How packed is your van.

    Post the pics and videos of your set ups here. Here is a little video of my van. I'm pretty packed. My 175, porty, waterclaw, tile spinner, stair tool, and a few other things didn't make it Into the video, but with a little creative elbow grease I can get them in there.
  12. Nomad74

    Penguin sprayer battery died

    So I have had this sprayer for about 10 months now. I really love this sprayer. Lately I noticed that I have been needing to charge it more often. Finally yesterday it got to the point where I couldn't use it unless it was plugged into the wall. My project for the day is to tear it apart and see...
  13. Nomad74

    Box Truck Crazy

    Well I did it. I took the plunge and got myself a box truck. Not any box truck, but a vintage 1994 U-haul beauty that's been sitting for 2 years under a protective layer of dust and cobwebs. It gets even better! The back comes with a load of free firewood and a Bissell. Just a little buffing...
  14. Nomad74

    Dried purple paint in carpet.

    So I got a call from one of my property management customers to see if I could do a "repair". They said there was some paint in the carpet and it needed to be cut out and replaced. I only cut and replace as a nuclear option. Taking the advice of fellow carpet cleaners, I picked up the yellow and...
  15. Nomad74

    A little dual wanding with the Sapphire 870

    Helped a buddy out today and we decided to go for a little dual wanding. We used 400 ft of hose. The suction and heat were awesome. Loving the 870.
  16. Nomad74

    Roots 47 blower died.

    I've been helping my fellow carpet cleaner Alex out the last couple of days. His 47 blower took a dump. At first we thought one of the bearings went bad but once we pulled it apart, we discovered it was a little more serious than a bearing. Alex was able to locate a rebuild kit with gears and...
  17. Nomad74

    Is Velocity Tech now City Tech Truckmounts?

    Did the guy remove the "VELO" from the "Velocity" decal because he was so ashamed? Is there such a thing as "City Technologies" @Johnny Bravo may need another TM :)
  18. Nomad74

    Why I use a Devastator Filter

    I am lucky enough to use a Devastator filter on all my jobs. But tonight it really hit me what a difference it makes. My flow switch on my apo was stuck open due to crusties in the hinge. When I popped the lid I was shocked how clean the waste tank filters were. I am a big believer in a...
  19. Nomad74

    60 Day review of my Sapphire 870

    I was asked to write a 30 day review of my thoughts on my SS870. Well, I am terrible with homework assignments, so here is my 30 day review. 30+ days late. So now it's a 60+ day review :) Sorry in advance for any typos. On Oct 5th,and 6th 2015 I took delivery of my new SS870. I'll admit I...
  20. Nomad74

    The CRI gives gold ratings to Sapphire 370 and 570, but a Platinum to Rug Dr?

    The CRI gives the Sapphire 370 and 570 gold ratings. Yet the Rug Doctor gets a Platinum rating from them. What a joke. How can the CRI be expected to be respected by professional cleaners when they do this kind of stuff. Sorry, but what a bunch of bought shills they are. They seriously need...
  21. Nomad74

    Added 32 ft of LED strip lighting to interior of my van

    Today I finally installed my LED strip lighting in my van. My Other TM melted my lights so I have been without lighting for awhile. Needless to say, working at night was always a bit of a challenge, especially when I forget my flashlight. I bought these lights off amazon. I'll list the link...
  22. Nomad74

    My experience at the Hard Rock Tool Boot Camp

    I just finished 3 days of stone training by Rob Fairfield of Hard Rock Tools in Aneheim Ca.. What a great experience. The more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing. There are so many ways to get something done and end with a desired result. My head is still spinning from trying to...
  23. Nomad74

    Cleaning kerosene soaked carpet

    I got a call from a landlord that had a tenant soak the carpets in kerosene as a moving out gift. They said they sealed the floor with Kills but it still smells. They asked if I could get it out. My first thought is just throw down a match, but I'm not sure that is a great option. Any advice?
  24. Nomad74

    See spots run new work uniform.

    I have been losing a ton of business to Ivan at See Spots Run carpet cleaning. I now see why. How could you not hire him in his new uniform. You know I love you Ivan :).
  25. Nomad74

    Sock of the month club

    So I was watching Shark Tank and saw these guys pitch their Sock of the Month Club business. The Sharks turned them down, but I thought it was a great ideal. For about $11 you get designer socks mailed to you every month. So, This thread will be my special sock thread. Here is the first month's...