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  1. Sandee Allen

    My honest review of House Call Pro - by Sandee Allen

    I used Quick books desk top and online for many many years. (not saying for how long~ lol) :nailbiting: Once our technicians started using ipads, I switched to a different scheduling system. I have tried two other companies before going with House Call. I usually have the patience of Job...
  2. Sandee Allen

    Adura Floor Care

    Does anyone clean Adura flooring? If so, what method do you use and how much do you charge per sf?
  3. Sandee Allen

    Repair Co. needed in Maryland who can work on El Diablo machines

    Tiffany with Maryland carpet repair saw our company on TMF and needs help in repairing an el diablo machine. Does anyone know a repair company in Maryland who can help?
  4. Sandee Allen

    Billing insurance companies for Supervisors/employee's

    When billing a customer/insurance company, do you always add the supervisors pay along with the dry out bill?
  5. Sandee Allen

    TMF B4 & After Winners!!

    The administrator's had a very difficult time choosing 3 winners from so many great cleaners here at TMF. Nice to see quality workmanship; which is one key in keeping a lifetime client. Winners please respond only in an email to: [email protected] attn: Sandee with your shipping address, and...
  6. Sandee Allen

    Hello everyone Sandee here

    New to the board, just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Va. and have been in the carpet cleaning accounting division for many years. I look forward in learning about others in the industry. Also, if you have any questions about accounting; please feel free to ask me. I enjoy my job and like...