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    Anyone try this product.. pretty good demo video

    Judson O2 prespray has a resoiling issue, leaves the carpets somewhat sticky on some carpets. There is no oxygen as claimed in there liquid prespray, borax is not a oxidizer.
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    Mytee M-5, 3 months later

    Thats the idea...just run it anyways.
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    Best Rinse Ever!! For a Portable.

    If you have a good rinsable prespray why the need for a rinse other then....H2O
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    I want 2 portables. Now which two?.....

    Throw an offer at Matts alum porty.
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    TMF Upgrades May 14 to June 1 2012

    The other forum gui was easier to read and navigate around.
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    Looking at a Banshee TM, any advice?

    If you need help installing the TM let me know...
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    Looking at a Banshee TM, any advice?

    Congrats on the TM. U have to shoot some video and do a 5 gal bucket test :-D
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    Looking at a Banshee TM, any advice?

    I would ask that it not be warmed up prior to seeing it but let it sit all night. Then see how well it fires up with a cold start.
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    Videos on website (Esp front page)

    Its the best cc promo video for the med-high end customer market ive seen bar none.
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    Sneaky rat bastard

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    What's a fair % to pay a sales guy for all CC sales made?

    All legit sales comms are 15-20% plus bonus for sales goals. This is based on salary - min wage. Straight comm is 30-35% plus cash bonus.
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    This is starting to freak me out a little

    I think thats why Art Bell moved out of Pahrump.....
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    Brand New 8.4 Ametek Vacs

    There all sold. In the picture I posted you have two vacs in air series then in air parallel.
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    PH Scale explanation.

    For those who dont believe Larry... see for yourself!!!