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  1. Rick F

    Cimex R48

    Selling my Cimex everything works as it should. New Guard, solution hose and water feed. Call me at (845) 750-5627. Tillson Ny 12486. $1100 cash!
  2. Rick F

    EZ 25/45 for sale low hours

    Sold! Please delete
  3. Rick F

    EZ 25/45 for sale low hours

    I will now take $4500
  4. Rick F

    EZ 25/45 for sale low hours

    Almost forgot 6K
  5. Rick F

    EZ 25/45 for sale low hours

    Pulling out of my van end of May 628 hours ! was my backup then used regulary in 2020. New engine last july old engine had a piece break off inside blew the engine. Come with mini turbo, th-40 that needs solution line. bently wand, stair tool, dust downer, brand new silver bullet filter and cool...
  6. Rick F

    EZ 25/45

  7. Rick F

    Going to all VLM

    Rob can i run black label in my cimex tank? how should i mix it? Thanks
  8. Rick F

    Dual Method Cleaners

    I HWE must of the time. I only use my cimex on commercial carpets, some commercial i hwe
  9. Rick F

    Are water softeners worth the hassle ?

    They also keep carpets from getting crusty!
  10. Rick F


    how where you applying/using vidal -oxide for pet stains? i have 2 gallons left over from pandemic i want to use up before i try cl 02. Thanks
  11. Rick F

    EZ truck mount engine replacement

    Same here replaced all the hose and coupler 2 times!
  12. Rick F

    EZ truck mount engine replacement

    My ez 2545 is running like a champ also!
  13. Rick F

    Vacuum for pet hair, commercial battery back pack

    I find Vacs dont work well on pet hair. i use tape on upholstery. For carpets crb or 175. charge extra
  14. Rick F

    jon don

    I have used magic wand in NJ when i couldnt figure something out on my TM. They always fixed it , did a good job. Got upholstery cert there also
  15. Rick F

    Home Advisor Sucking Worse and Worse

    I left them years ago for same reason. I only used them for T&G leads. it was great at first especially when i was the only T&G guy on there.
  16. Rick F

    Hobbies Outside Of Our Businesses

    I have a can am 800r 4wheeler. I went riding Saturday afternoon!
  17. Rick F

    Blower Locked up in Kansas City! Help!

    yes to all of the above its happened to me!
  18. Rick F

    Think i can steam clean this dinning room chair?

    Doing a job friday customer thought chair could be silk. I have taken the upholstery course years ago and will do a burn test when i get there. I got these pictures no wash code> Thanks
  19. Rick F

    Where to selling a Masters Touch Trailer?

    Try posting on TMF facebook marketplace. I am across the river from you i would pay 9k for that. I have all the equipment i need now. good luck
  20. Rick F

    questions for rob and his new solvent sealer?

    just sealing the grout $1 a sqft clean and seal. Natural stone seal everything much higher starts at $1.50 and up
  21. Rick F

    What TMF members would you bring back?

    when i joined in 2011 there was a lot of fighting they had to make the flame room. some people were calling shanes business and messing with him. it was fun back then! LOL
  22. Rick F

    questions for rob and his new solvent sealer?

    Need to order grout seal again been using grouterra 721 for years with good results. Want to try yours, first does it have to be sprayed on with a pump up? can i use the bottle with rolller on it? how long will it last? how soon will it ship i know your taking pre orders i will need it soon. Thanks
  23. Rick F

    Tile callbacks due to blushing/residue spots

    Try 2790 concrete cleaner i have been using it for years
  24. Rick F

    What % ratio is your business down with Coronavirus?

    Got the low down in NY building cleaning and maintenance can work. Owner operators can also. I am both so iam glad